Plants in horticulture

Interested in finding out which horticultural plants may cause problems in California’s natural areas? The table below shows all plants from the Cal-IPC Inventory that are known to occur in horticulture.¬†Plants with an asterisk (*) after the scientific name are “Watch” plants, which are not currently invasive in California but which have been assessed as a high risk of becoming invasive in California in the future.

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Scientific nameCommon namesRatingAlertProfile
Acacia baileyana * cootamundra wattle Watch
Acacia dealbata silver wattle Moderate
Acacia longifolia * Sydney golden wattle Watch
Acacia melanoxylon blackwood Acacia Limited
Acacia saligna * orange wattle Watch
Acaena novae-zelandiae * biddy-biddy Watch
Agrostis stolonifera creeping bent Limited
Ailanthus altissima tree-of-heaven Moderate
Alopecurus pratensis * meadow foxtail Watch
Araujia sericifera * bladderflower Watch
Arctotheca calendula fertile capeweed ModerateX
Arctotheca prostrata capeweed Moderate
Arum italicum * Italian Arum Watch
Arundo donax giant reed High
Asparagus aethiopicus * Asparagus fern Watch
Asparagus asparagoides bridal creeper ModerateX
Asphodelus fistulosus onion weed ModerateX
Atriplex semibaccata Australian saltbush Moderate
Berberis darwinii * Darwin barberry Watch
Briza maxima big quakinggrass Limited
Buddleja davidii * butterfly bush Watch
Carex pendula * hanging sedge Watch
Carpobrotus chilensis sea fig Moderate
Carpobrotus edulis highway iceplant High
Casuarina equisetifolia * beach sheoak Watch
Catharanthus roseus * Madagascar periwinkle Watch
Cestrum parqui * willow jessamine Watch
Chasmanthe floribunda * African cornflag Watch
Cortaderia jubata jubatagrass High
Cortaderia selloana pampasgrass High
Cotoneaster franchetii orange Cotoneaster Moderate