Lythrum junceum

Photo: Jennifer Mo

Synonyms: Lythrum graefferi, Lythrum monanthum

Common names: creeping loosestrife, rose loosestrife

Lythrum junceum (creeping loosestrife) is a perennial herb with spikes of attractive purple flowers that is native to Europe and the Mediterranean region. It is associated with freshwater wetlands and riparian habitat. Outside of its native range, it has been found in Australia and New Zealand and occurs in the Azores and Madeira Islands, where it has unclear native status. It can be locally abundant in its introduced range. Little is known to date about its impacts, though it spreads easily both by seed and rhizomes and has a vigorous growth habit. Lythrum junceum was first found and collected in California in 1905 but misidentified until recently; it may, therefore, be under-reported in the state. This species can be differentiated from other Lythrum species by its solitary flowers in leaf axils, white petal bases, rose spots on its hypanthium, and tristylous flowers with 12 stamens each. It has a sprawling, mounding habit and angular stems.


Cal-IPC Rating: Watch

CDFA Rating: None?


Plant Risk Assessment - An evaluation of the potential for a plant to be invasive in California.

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  • Additional photos

    Lythrum junceum_flowers , leaves, and fruit_JenniferMo
    Lythrum junceum (creeping loosestrife) flowers, leaves, and fruit. Photo: Jennifer Mo
    Lythrum junceum_growth habit_JenniferMo
    Lythrum junceum (creeping loosestrife) growth habit. Photo: Jennifer Mo