2021 Statewide WMA Meeting Presentations

Video recording of the 2021 Statewide WMA Meeting (Online)

Click on linked titles to see PDF of slide decks for each presentation (where available)

(0:20) Welcome and California Update Doug Johnson, Executive Director, Cal-IPC

(13:47) CDFA Weed Program Updates – Michelle Dennis, Branch Chief, Integrated Pest Control, Plant Health Division, CDFA

(27:30) Regional priorities and county grantsDavid Kratville, State Weed Coordinator, CDFA

(45:40) Mapping update – Kari Osegueda, Weed Mapper, CDFA

(51:33) California listed plants and ratings updateBob Price, Primary State Botanist, CDFA

(1:15:17) Santa Ana River – Orange County – Matt Major, Orange County Parks; Shani Pynn, Riverside/Corona RCD; Brian Glenn, Orange County CAC

(1:32:00) El Dorado County – It’s a Burning Issue! The importance of WMAs: Fire and noxious weeds – LeeAnne Mila, El Dorado CAC

(1:43:39) Humboldt County – Patrick Hoffman, Humboldt CAC

(1:55:40) New York’s Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISMs) – Linda Rohleder, Lower Hudson PRISM

(2:09:51) Florida’s Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas (CISMAs) – Emily Bell, Coordinator, Florida Invasive Species Partnership

(2:20:07) Washington’s county weed boards – Mary Fee, Executive Secretary, Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board (note that slides are quite small in video)


View the 2021 WMA Statewide Meeting on Vimeo.

Links from talks:

Regional Invasive Plant EDRR Targets, updated October 2021 (referred to in David Kratville’s talk)

Submit Pest Ratings Proposal for a weed with CDFA

SB 155 Trailer Bill online – Exemption is described in part (11) and there is additional language farther down in Section 23.