Modoc WMA

Region covered: Modoc County

Chair: Joe Moreo, Agricultural Commissioner for Modoc County Department

General contact: Joe Moreo at 530-233-6401,

Mapping contact: Don Collier, Modoc County Department of Agriculture at 530-233-6401

Meetings: Held twice a year, Modoc Wildlife Refuge

Formed: 1998

Outreach Summary:


  • Weeds of the NE Identification Guide


  • Booth at Modoc County Fair
  • WMA sponsors weed workshops & weed tours


  • Modoc County Record

Project Highlights:

   Scotch Thistle and Other Weeds Aerial Treatment Program

  • Species of concern for this project are Scotch thistle, yellow starthistle, perennial pepperweed.
    The method of control is aerial application of the following herbicides; Transline, Milestone, or Telar-depending on species.
    Strategic goals for this project are the protection of both agricultural production and wildland resources. All the MOUs are project partners for this county-wide endeavor.

   A-Rated Weed Eradication

  • This county wide project focuses on the control and eradication of yellow spinethistle, leafy spurge, musk thistle, diffuse knapweed, spotted knapweed, smooth ground cherry, and plumeless thistle. These plants replace palatable species in some grazed areas, and dense stands of mature plants can make areas inaccessible to livestock and humans. Methods of control are herbicides and mechanical. Strategic goals for the project are the protection of both agricultural production and wildland resources. All the MOUs are project partners.

   County Spray Program

  • The WMA works together with MOU members in controlling Scotch thistle, musk thistle, spotted knapweed, diffuse knapweed, squarrose knapweed, Russian knapweed, yellow starthistle, Canada thistle, poison hemlock, hoary cress, dyer’s woad, perennial pepperweed, and other species.Methods for control are herbicides, mechanical or biocontrol agents. Strategic goals are both the protection of agricultural production and wildland resources.

Organizations on WMA’s MOU

  • Modoc County Department of Agriculture
  • California for an Alternative to Toxics
  • Oregon State University, Rangeland & Ecology Management
  • Modoc County Air Pollution Control
  • University of California Cooperative Extension
  • Intermountain Hay Growers Association
  • Lava Beds Resource Conservation District
  • Central Modoc Resource Conservation District
  • Look Pest Abatement District
  • United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service
  • Goose Lake Resource Conservation District
  • Modoc-Washo Experimental Stewardship Program
  • California Cattleman’s Association
  • North Cal-Neva Resource Conservation Development Area
  • United States Department of Agriculture Resource Conservation Service
  • Strongold -Newell Pest Abatement District
  • California Department of Fish & Game
  • Pit Resource Conservation District
  • Department of Interior Lava Beds National Monument
  • City of Alturas
  • California Department of Forestry Intermountain Conservation Camp
  • Department of Interior Modoc National Wildlife Refuge
  • WM Beaty & Associates
  • Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management
  • Lakeview, California Department of Food & Agriculture
  • California Department of Transportation
  • Modoc County Farm Advisors Office
  • Bonneville Power Company
  • Tuscarora Natural Gas Pipeline
  • California Department of Forestry Devil’s Garden Correction Camp