Ventura WMA

General contact: John Beall Ventura County Agriculture Department 805-933-2956

Formed: 2005 to 2014. Reformed in Fall of 2019.

Meetings: Quarterly-(Zoom/Phone meetings during Pandemic).  Meetings include a program speaker/presentation, participants sharing information on weed projects they are working on and break time to encourage attendees to get to know each other and consider working cooperatively on projects.  We are planning a “Picnic in the Weeds”  once a year hosted by a group to show weed management in the field.

MOU-Available. New version of MOU under construction which will give us more structure.

Most Recent Ventura County Weed Management Area Meeting

Thursday December 3, 2020   1 to 3 pm.


  1. Agenda Review-
  2. Introductions-Name-Group-Current Projects/new weeds
  3. Doug Johnson/Nicole Valentine-California Invasive Plant Pest Council (Cal-IPC) update
  4. Program: Emily Zefferman Monterey RCD-Salinas River Arundo Control Program: Progress and Lessons Learned-Emily has worked for the Monterey Resource Conservation District since 2016 including Arundo management on the Salinas River Watershed.

Regular Participants

  • Ventura County Agriculture Department
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • University of California Cooperative Extension
  • California Native Plant Society Channel Islands
  • Caltrans
  • Ventura RCD
  • Ojai Valley Land Conservancy
  • Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area-National Park Service
  • The CREW-Ojai
  • Conejo Open Space Conservation Agency
  • Santa Clara River Conservancy