Kern WMA

Chair: Glenn Harris, Bureau of Land Management, Ridgecrest Field Office

Vice Chair: Dorie Giragosian, California Native Plant Society, Kern County Chapter

Secretary: Donna Thomas, Eastern Kern County Resource Conservation District

General contact: Donna Thomas at 760-446-1327 or

Mapping contact: Individual mapping done by members on their own projects

Meetings: Quarterly

Formed in: 2000

Outreach Summary:


  • Pamphlets on weeds found in Kern County


  • Newspapers

Project Highlights:

  Spotted Knapweed Eradication Project

  • The Kern WMA is working to eradicate spotted knapweed from the Pine Mountain Club. The Pine Mountain Club is seventy miles north of Los Angeles and surrounded by 1.7 million acres of forest. Goals of this project are to protect wildlife habitat and native vegetation in the neighboring Los Padres National Forest. Methods of control are chemical and manual. Project partners are the Pine Mountain Club, United States Forest Service, California Department of Food & Agriculture, Tehachapi Resource Conservation District and the Kern County Department of Agriculture.

  Yellow starthistle Containment in the Sierra Nevada Leading Edge Project

  • In this project, the WMA is mapping the yellow starthistle. The spread of this highly invasive weed is being manually controlled, to keep it from spreading across the mountain range. Project partners are the California Department of Food & Agriculture and the Tehachapi Resource Conservation District.

  Cummings Valley Yellow Starthistle Regional Collaboration Project

  • The WMA has been mapping infestations of yellow starthistle found in Cummings Valley. In 2009, the WMA will begin spraying problem locations of yellow starthistle. The project partner is the Tehachapi Resource Conservation District.

  “A” Rated weed eradication Project

  • Currently, the Kern WMA is receiving funding on an “A” Rated weed eradication project. This project is sponsored the State WMA funding the Kern County Department of Agriculture.

  Purple loosestrife and Perennial pepperweed Project

  • Purple loosestrife and Perennial pepperweed control and eradication project for the South Fork of the Kern River. This project is made possible through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 stimulus funding to the Eastern Kern County Resource Conservation District.

Organizations on WMA’s MOU

  • Audubon California’s Kern River Preserve
  • Bear Valley Community Services District
  • Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management-Bakersfield Office
  • Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management-Ridgecrest Office
  • California Department of Transportation Districts 6 & 7 & 9
  • California Conservation Corps
  • CA Dept of Fish & Game
  • CA Dept of Food & Agriculture
  • Cummings Valley Protective Association Inc.
  • Eastern Kern County Resource Conservation District
  • Greenhorn Mountain Veterinarian Association
  • Honda Proving Center of California
  • Kern County Department of Agriculture
  • Kern County Department of Parks & Recreation
  • Pine Mountain Club Property Owners Association
  • Quist Farms, Share Care & Prayer Inc.
  • TR Ranch
  • Tehachapi Resource Conservation District
  • University of California Cooperative Extension – Kern County
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service
  • HOPPER Mountain National Wildlife Refuge
  • Society for Ecological Restoration California

Other regular participants

  • State of California Department of Corrections-Tehachapi Prison