Del Norte WMA


Chair: Robin Galea, Del Norte County Department of Agriculture

General contact: Lina Crockett, 707-487-7630

Meetings: as needed

Formed: 1999


Outreach Summary:



  • Weed Awareness Week
  • Annual Flower Show
  • Volunteer work days
  • Table at the County Fair
  • Board of Supervisor Proclamations


  • The Humboldt & Del Norte WMAs recently started a Lend a Weed Wrench program through which the public may check out weed wrenches at public locations to work on their own private property.

Project Highlights:

    Meadow knapweed joint WMA containment

  • Meadow knapweed can be found both in Humboldt and Del Norte counties. In Humboldt county it is present in the Weitchpec area and in Del Norte County this weed can be found in and around Crescent City, along Forest Service routes, and around five acres of a wilderness trailhead. This project was jointly developed when Humboldt and Del Norte counties were a joint WMA and exemplifies a bi-county, early detection and treatment approach to managing an A-rated pest, meadow knapweed. The spread of meadow knapweed is being addressed at an early stage to protect habitats and high-value sites such as pasture land, oak woodland communities, riparian areas, river bars, a botanic area, designated wilderness, and designated Wild & Scenic Rivers. This project deliberately engages multiple stakeholders in the management of meadow knapweed on all fronts. The project integrates manual hand pulling and grubbing, weed cloth, weed whacking, Waipuna hot foam treatment, revegetation, and herbicide use. Project partners include U.S. Forest Service, Mid-Klamath Watershed Council, CalTrans, California Department of Food and Agriculture, Del Norte County Agricultural Commission, Yurok Tribe, and Bureau of Land Management.

  Future work

  • The Del Norte WMA is focusing to eradicate several knotweeds in the county; including Himalayan, Japanese, and Giant knotweeds. Two projects are being proposed with Base and Supplemental 2009 funding from CDFA to support (a) an ongoing eradication effort in the Mattole Watershed, and (b) a new eradication project in the lower Klamath River watershed.

Organizations on WMA’s MOU

  • Cal Dept Trans, Dist. 1
  • Cal Dept Fish & Game
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • Farm Bureau
  • California Department Parks & Recreation
  • Del Norte County Department of Agriculture
  • Del Norte Resource Conservation District
  • Redwood National Park