San Francisco WMA


General contact: Peter Brastow at (415) 355-3733 or

Meetings: First Tuesday of every month

Webpage: For more information please visit


Outreach Summary:


    • San Francisco “Six” The City’s Worst Wildland weeds brochure


Project Highlights:

   Endangered Species Habitat Restoration on Twin Peaks

  • To eliminate a major infestation of invasive weeds, including principally, French broom, cape and English ivies, gorse and cotoneaster from within and adjacent to from a core critical section of endangered species habitat. Project objectives are the elimination of invasives, educate public about invasives, and initiate long term volunteer stewardship program. Methods for control will be combination of mechanical equipment, hand removal, power tools, herbicide and goats.

   Initial Priority Weed Assessment and Strategic Plan Update

  • To assemble existing information across jurisdictions about top priority weed species in both tabular and basic geographic format, and in doing so to strengthen our interconnected multi-agency collaboration. Project objectives are the establish communication system all county weed professionals, create initial report/extent of priority weeds in the county, and update update SFMWA Strategic Plan. Methods of performance are the number of new members in the WMA and create a contact list of county wide weed professionals, all MOU members and other weed management entities create share all their weed data, and have a current strategic plan representing consensus among participants of county’s goals.

Organizations on WMA’s MOU

  • SF Agricultural Commissioner
  • SF Fire Department
  • SF Recreation and Parks
  • SF Environment
  • SF Public Utilities Commission
  • California State Parks
  • National Park Service
  • Presidio Trust
  • Daar/IPM
  • California Invasive Plant Council
  • California Native Plant Society
  • Nature in the City