Eastern Sierra WMA


Region covered : Inyo & Mono Counties

Chair: Nathan Reade, Agriculture Commissioner for Inyo & Mono Counties

General contact: Alexandra Barbella, Project Coordinator at (760) 873-7860, inyomonoag@gmail.com

Meetings: contact WMA

Webpage: For more information visit www.inyomonoagriculture.com/eastern-sierra-weed-management-area.html 

Project Highlights:

Perennial Pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium) Monitoring Program:

Perennial Pepperweed is one of the largest management concerns here in Inyo and Mono Counties. We work with all the land management organizations in the Eastern Sierra to cohesively monitor and manage Perennial Pepperweed. This project has two strategies: reduce large populations and eradicate outbreaks/leading edges of invasion. This approach ensures that everyone has eyes out for weeds and that spot outbreaks and the leading edge of invasion can be dealt with before they turn into larger management issues.

Collaborations with Local Land Managers:

Our MOU includes not only Federal and State Agencies, but agencies such as the California Cattlemen’s Association. This ensures that all land users in our Counties can participate in weed management and that we have more people out scouting for weed outbreaks.

Organizations on WMA’s MOU

  • California Department of Food and Agriculture
  • Inyo/Mono Counties’ Agricultural Commissioner’s Office
  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
  • Inyo County Water Department
  •  Bureau of Land Management Bishop Field Office
  • Inyo National Forest
  • California Department of Forestry
  • Toiyabe National Forest
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • California Department of Transportation
  • Inyo/Mono Conservation District
  • Inyo/Mono Counties’ Cattleman’s Association
  • California Department of Transportation District 9