Colusa, Glenn & Tehama Counties WMA


Chair: Glenn County Agricultural Department

General contact: Jason Beauchamp, 530-934-6501,

Mapping contact: vacant

Meetings: currently not meeting


Outreach Summary:


  • 2002 Dirty Dozen Noxious Weeds List a noxious weed brochure


  • The WMA runs outreach programs for high school students.


Project Highlights:

   Sites Reservoir purple starthistle treatment

  • The WMA, in partnership with Colusa and Glenn County Agriculture Departments, is working to protect 300 gross acres of grazing rangelands near Sites Reservoir in Colusa County. The project area has been chemically treated to remove purple starthistle.

   Bear Creek arundo and tamarisk removal

  • One half mile of land along Bear Creek in Colusa County has been chemically treated for arundo and tamarisk to protect the riparian area. Plant material was removed after the chemical treatments. Project partners include Bureau of Land Management, Colusa County Resource Conservation District, CALFED Bay-Delta Program, and University of California, Davis.

   Lower Stony Creek arundo and tamarisk removal

  • Glenn County Resource Conservation District and a Landowner Advisory Committee made up of landowners and various agencies worked together to chemically treat 30 acres of arundo and tamarisk along Lower Stony Creek.

   Perennial pepperweed and barbed goatgrass treatment

  • Two current projects include control and eradication of perennial pepperweed in Glenn County and early detection and eradication of barbed goatgrass in Tehama, Glenn and Colusa Counties.

Participating Organizations

  • Army Corps of Engineers
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • California Department of Transportation (CalTrans)
  • California Department of Food and Agriculture
  • California Department of Conservation
  • Cerus Consulting
  • Colusa County Department of Agriculture
  • Colusa County Resource Conservation District
  • Colusa County Road Department
  • Cottonwood Creek Watershed Group
  • Deer Creek Watershed Conservancy
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife
  • California Department of Fish and Game
  • Glenn Colusa Irrigation District
  • Glenn County Farm Bureau
  • Glenn County Resource Conservation District
  • Mill Creek Conservancy
  • Pestmaster Services
  • Pure Seed League
  • California State University, Chico, Research Foundation
  • Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex
  • Stony Creek Wastershed Resource Conservation District
  • Stony Ford Ranch
  • Tehama Colusa Canal Authority
  • Tehama County Department of Agriculture
  • Tehama County Farm Advisor
  • Tehama County Farm Bureau
  • Tehama County Flood and Water District
  • Tehama County Public Works
  • Tehama County Resource Conservation District
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • University of California Cooperative Extension
  • University of California, Davis
  • U.S. Forest Service, Mendocino National Forest
  • USDA Natural Resources Conservation District
  • Vina Resource Conservation District
  • Western Canal Water District