2022 Cal-IPC SymposiumInvasive Plant Management from Cities to Wildlands


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Oral Presentations

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and weed management Alfaro, Maria
Weed alerts 2022 and inventory updates Burger, Jutta; Price, Robert
Tackling invasive plants after the 2020 Angeles National Forest fire season Castro, Andrew
CDFA weed program: Priorities, funding and grants Dennis, Michelle; Kratville, David
Conservation-based approaches for landscape-scale fuels management projects Erny, Allison
Machine learning and robotics enhance the value of physical weed control Fennimore, Steve
Replacing non-native grasses with herbaceous native plants to reduce ignition potential of fuel breaks and roadsides Fitch, Robert; D'Antonio, Carla; Molinari, Nicole
Winter annual grass control: experiences with Indaziflam in NE California Getts, Tom
Land stewardship in these changing times: Hard work, a sense of humor and a dash of humility go a long way towards peace of mind Gillogly, Michael
Butte Fire: post-fire seeding and mulching treatment effects on plant cover and erosion control Gilpin, David; Agnew, Bill; Swann, Chris; Michaels, Julia
Making restoration better (Nothing in this presentation is true, but it’s exactly how things are.) Gornish, Elise
Herbicide-resistant weeds: the basics Hanson, Brad
How to be a responsible applicator Hartman, Jim
Urban nature, biodiversity, and climate change in cities around the world Ikert, Amanda
2022 Statewide WMA meeting Johnson, Doug
Managing for native biodiversity in San Francisco’s urban environment Kaji, Isao
Mobilizing a rapid response to the threat posed by Paspalum vaginatum to tidal marsh conservation in California Kerr, Drew; Arenas, Alys
EDRR jumpstart: drinking from a fire hose edition Kesel, Rachel
Limitations and solutions to sharing knowledge about invasive species research and management between academia and land management Klock, Metha
Optimizing control of parrotfeather (Myriophyllum aquaticum) in Washington with herbicides and environmental constraints Kuehne, Lauren; Olden, Julian; Adey, Amaryllis; Hicks, Madeleine; Wamsley, Bill; Wilson, Timothy; Cracknell, Paula; Murphy, Mike; Brownlee, Todd
Managing invasive plants for biodiversity in the city: a view from Los Angeles Longcore, Travis
Expanding the use of prescribed fire as an ecosystem stewardship tool in fire-adapted landscapes Lopez, Hannah
Weeds and seeds and fire, oh my! Weed management lessons from Montana Mangold, Jane
City of Portland invasive species strategies and comprehensive policy framework: a synopsis Maze, Dominic
Using organic herbicides on roadsides and ROW: evaluating effectiveness and costs McDonald, Chris
Common mistakes in wildland weed applications and how to correct them Mila, LeeAnne; McDonald, Chris
What’s new from industry: California land management herbicide update Miller, Rick
Translational invasion ecology and climate change: bridging research and practice to address the greatest drivers of global change Morelli, Toni Lyn
CDFA weed PRA (Pest Risk Assessment) updates Price, Robert
The biological deserts fallacy: Cities in their landscapes contribute more than we think to regional biodiversity Spotswood, Erica
Blacklock restoration: Phragmites control study Thomas, Madison
Tracking regional EDRR with Calflora: Bay Area WMAs Valentine, Nikki
Timed Mowing Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area Wells, Matthew
Control of invasive plants after the Scorpion Fire on Santa Cruz Island Woolsey, Jay; Parker, Mike; Carter, Katy; Little, Annie; Cowan, Clark
Fumbling towards successful strategies to increase forest diversity under Acacia koa stands in Hawai’i Yelenik, Stephanie; D'Antonio, Carla; Rehm, Evan; Rose, Eli; Paxton, Eben

Lightning Talk Presentations

Managing yellow starthistle in grazed and un-grazed areas on California’s Central Coast Brooke, Jackson; Allred, Jenna
Feather River spongeplant (Limnobium laevigatum) Carter-Ervin, Robin
Habitat restoration at Hidden Valley Wildlife Area following long-term Arundo management Conser, Christiana
Invasive grasses and drought shift taxonomy and function in native rhizosphere microbiomes LaForgia, Marina; Kang, Hannah; Ettinger, Cassie
Update on recent biological control releases against invasive plants by the USDA-ARS Moran, Patrick; Pratt, Paul; Smith, Lincoln
The effects of Vicia villosa invasion on plant-pollinator interactions Nelson, Rebecca
Distilling data with Calflora Powell, Cynthia
Seasonal herbicide management for invasive plant control: insights from stinknet Rodriguez, Clarissa; McDonald, Christopher; Larios, Loralee
Prescribed burning may produce refugia for Oncosiphon piluliferum Schwab, Stuart; Jenerette, G. Darrel; Larios, Loralee
Update: horticulture invasives prevention (PlantRight) Simmons, Alex
Assessing woody plant encroachment in Marin County, 1952-2018 Startin, Charlie
Who’s managing what, and for whom? Tang, Joanna; Wainwright, Brooke


Managing invasive species from cities to wildlands for wildlife, plants, and habitat Brusati, Elizabeth; Hoffmann, Krista
Succession of soil microbial communities in a managed conifer-encroached grassland Law, K.K.L.; Estera-Molina, K.Y.; O'Malley, R.E.; Klock, M.M.

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