2020 Cal-IPC SymposiumRecovery and Resilience: Confronting Fire, Weeds, and Forest Pests


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Oral Presentations

Two years after the fire: accomplishments in invasive plant control following the 2018 Woolsey Fire Algiers, Joey
Distribution and spread of tamarisk beetles (Diorhabda spp.) and their known and predicted effects on riparian ecosystems Bloodworth, Ben
Weed alerts and other invasive plant highlights for 2020 Burger, Jutta; Price, Robert
Effectiveness of pre-emergent herbicides in rangeland rehabilitation Clements, Charlie; Harmon, Dan
Limonium ramosissimum distribution models and effective treatment types in the Upper Newport Bay Ecological Reserve of Orange County, California Crook, Elizabeth; Mudge, Isabella; Spear, Hannah; Banuelas, David; Arenas, Alys; Swanson, Amanda
The role of public gardens as sentinels of plant invasion Culley, Theresa; Dreisilker, Kurt; Ryan, Clair; Landel, Hans; Cavallin, Nadia; Arcate Schuler, Jessica; Shultz, Brittany; Gettig, Roger; Havens, Kayri
Invasive grasses can be your friends: use of songbirds and other observable wildlife as metrics for selective acceptance of non-natives in restoration DeSimone, Sandra; Skarie, Matt; Tang, Mickie; Gibson, Scott
Surveying for invasive plants after fire Dickman, Garrett
Scaling up Brazilian peppertree (Schinus terebinthifolia) novel management techniques: lessons from South Florida Enloe, Stephen; Bell, Mackenzie
Evaluating control of late-season noxious grassland invasives with multiple approaches: wildfire, prescribed fire, native grass restoration, and organic herbicides Eviner, Valerie
Early detection and rapid response: effective weed control at the landscape level Farrell, Sharon; Patterson, Jesse; Kesel, Rachel; Brigham, Christy; Gregory, Nathan; Gardner, Leah
Interactions among insects and weeds in western U.S. forests Fettig, Christopher; Runyon, Justin; Trilling, Jared; Mortenson, Leif; Audley, Jackson
A tale of two wildfires: post-fire weed management at Pepperwood Preserve Friedfel, Devyn; Halbur, Michelle; Gillogly, Michael; Barringer, Sonja; Comendant, Tosha
Can tree and vine herbicide be effective for medusahead? Getts, Tom
Ecocultural considerations for grassland stewardship and resilience Hankins, Don
When control is constrained to containment: Undaria pinnatifida in the Channel Islands, California Hastings, Sean
The safe and effective application of aquatic herbicides Hoffmann, Krista
Using detection dogs to enhance invasive plant management strategies Hurt, Aimee
Reducing the risk of invasive plant spread: before and during wildland fire incidents Hutten, Martin
California Update Johnson, Doug
Perturbations in fire-prone ecosystems resulting in exotic plant invasions Keeley, Jon
Fire management treatments leading to non-native plant invasions Keeley, Jon
Prioritizing widespread weeds with the WHIPPET tool Kesel, Rachel; Greenberger, David
Continued management and monitoring of alligatorweed (Alternanthera philoxeroides) in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Suisun Marsh Kwong, Michael; Earl-Gould, Leslie; Grewell, Brenda; Martinez, Jose
Challenges and lessons learned in the Muir Beach wetland restoration project LeBeau, Naomi
Using climate niche modeling to map areas at risk of invasion by stinkwort (Dittrichia graveolens) Lustenhouwer, Nicky; Parker, Ingrid
Nonherbicidal measures of control for slender false brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum), an invasive perennial grass Matzek, Virginia; Sifuentes-Winter, Coty
Some insights on the seed bank dynamics of stinknet, a difficult weed to contain McDonald, Christopher; Douglas, Alex
Herbicide use in habitat restoration: organic vs. outcome McMillan, Scott; Matthews, Kyle; Thompson, Cindy; Berninger, Mark; Allen, Sara
Invasive species holobiomes as bioindicators? Environmental DNA metabarcoding from community-collected CALeDNA samples makes holobiomes available for common invasive plants Meyer, Rachel
Laws and regulations that inform noxious weed treatments Mila, LeeAnne
Lessons learned (the hard way) on how to manage invasive shot-hole borers Nobua-Behrmann, Beatriz
Obtaining selectivity in wildland areas using a low-volume directed spray herbicide Oneto, Scott
Effective use of low-dose herbicide application to control weed seedlings in a restoration context Raff, Collin; Ostmann, Isaac; Thorin, Shawn; Blake, Alan
Weed control in riparian habitat restoration: 3 design recommendations for scaling up implementation efficiency Reynoso, Ruben; Sheppard, Stephen; Rentner, Julie; Rogner, Michael
Best practices to keep pesticides out of water Sandoval, Samuel
Invasive species denialism and the future of invasion management Simberloff, Dan
Restoration to benefit pollinators: plant selection and herbicide impacts Soto, Deedee; Hoyle, Sarah
The sky is not the limit – controlling invasive plants with survey and spray drones Takekawa, John; Edmunds, Tim; Reynolds, Bill; Potter, Chris; Chappell, Steven
Positive feedback loops of invasive grasses: breaking the cycle Tang, Joanna; D'Antonio, Carla
Invasive plants plan 2020-25 ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Parks Taylor, Steve
Cleaning and sanitation of heavy equipment for pathogens and weeds Valachovic, Yana; Twieg, Brendan; McLean, David; Lueck, Madeline; Lee, Christopher
Considerations for better coordination between fire and invasive species management activities Zupko, Mike; Morisette, Jeff

Lightning Talk Presentations

Is yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) adapting to serpentine soils? Brafford, Katherine
Klamath Alliance for regional invasive species management Chapple, Tanya
Edible fig (Ficus carica) eradication project Trabuco Ranger District, Cleveland National Forest Criley, Lance
The role of soil bacterial mutualisms in legume invasion in California Klock, Metha; Harms, Kyle; Thrall, Peter; Barrett, Luke
Measuring survival of resprouting eucalypts through a prescribed burn in south-eastern Australia Kreger, Isaac
Floodplains restoration post-infestation on the North Fork Salmon River Malone-Persha, Deja
Biocontrol of yellow starthistle: mass-rearing the newly approved agent, Ceratapion basicorne, for release Park, Ikju; Smith, Lincoln
Assessing chemical management options for the control of stinknet (Oncosiphon piluliferum) Rodriguez, Clarissa; Bean, Travis; McDonald, Christopher; Larios, Loralee
Tips and tools for community habitat enhancement events Romero, Tania


ACE’ing new statewide maps of invasive plants for conservation planning Brusati, Elizabeth; Morawitz, Dana; Gogol-Prokurat, Melanie; Hill, Sandra
Arizona joins California in battling stinknet Chamberland, Michael
Prevent the introduction of invasive plants from contaminated sand and gravel by inspecting quarries before you buy material Dickman, Garrett
Who exactly are you? How multiple ploidy levels within the same species can mislead invasion science and management Firestone, Jeffrey
Iris pseudacorus germination resilience to high salinity exposure supports risk of invasive spread in tidal wetlands Gillard, Morgane; Castillo, Jesus; Mesgaran, Mohsen; Futrell, Caryn; Grewell, Brenda
A review of Cal Fire’s 20-million-acre Vegetation Treatment Program and what you can do locally on the wildland interface to reduce wildfire risk Goldfarb, Georgia; Glover, Sandra
Complexity, constraints, and challenges of herbicidal and biological tamarisk treatment in the Mojave River watershed Lair, Ken; Bell, Chuck; Lindgren, Jackie; Dudley, Tom
Characteristics of plant communities invaded by Dittrichia graveolens as it spreads away from roadsides in Santa Clara County Lopez, Andrew; Melen, Miranda; Lustenhouwer, Nicky; Parker, Ingrid
Does drought and non-native competition affect California coastal prairie plants? Luong, Justin
Using careful site selection and plastic tree shelters to improve post-fire ecological restoration of highly invaded California native plant communities Mazhnyy, Mark; Questad, Erin
A flora of the Chiquito Springs Basin in the Santa Ana Mountains, California McGowan, Harrison
Biological control of Arundo donax with the arundo wasp in the Central Valley Moran, Patrick; Bitume, Ellyn; Rogers, D. Valle
A test of the herbicide Weed Slayer for the control of invasive plants Thomas, Don

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