2005 Cal-IPC SymposiumPrevention Reinvention: Protocols, Information, and Partnerships to Stop the Spread of Invasive Plants

Chico State University Chico, CA

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Oral Presentations

Beyond the Plantae: Commonalities in combating Phytophthora ramorum, cause of Sudden Oak Death, and other plant diseases Alexander, Janice
Control of invasive plants through biological mitigation for transportation projects April, Bruce
Communicating the need for prevention Asher, Jerry
Tumbleweeds of California – Who, what, where, and how? Ayres, Debra; Ryan, Fred; Hrusa, Fred; Akers, Pat
An update on California’s NPDES permit for aquatic herbicide use Blankinship, Mike
A test of repeat flaming as a control for poison hemlock (Conium maculatum), Cape ivy (Delairea odorata), and periwinkle (Vinca major) Bossard, Carla; Moore, Ken; Chabre, Cammy; Woolfolk, Andrea; King, Jorden; Johanek, Dana
Perspectives of nursery professionals on invasive plants and the St. Louis voluntary codes of conduct Burt, Jennifer W.; Muir, Adrianna; Piovia-Scott, Jonah; Veblen, Kari
Proceedings California Invasive Plant Council Symposium Volume 9: 2005 Cal-IPC, 
6000 volunteer detection partners: The problem, possibilities, and potential Case, Bob
Noxious weed management on National Forests in California: Regulations, tools and tactics Christofferson, Chris L.
Invasive annual grasses in a coastal dune ecosystem Clifford, Patti; Pickart, Andrea J.; Tatum, Ellen; Wear, Kyle
Preventing weed spread via contaminated hay and straw Clines, Joanna
Are we creating the ideal conditions for Arundo donax invasion in California? Coffman, Gretchen C.; Dudley, Tom; Rundel, Phil W.; Ambrose, Richard F.
Protecting public lands: Progress in incorporating prevention practices into agency policy Demetry, Athena; Johnson, Brent
Invasive plant control at California State Parks in the northern Sacramento Valley Dempsey, Jim; Elliott, Woody
Invasive Plant Inventory (–weed list”) working group DiTomaso, Joe; Stanton, Alison; Brusati, Elizabeth
Efficacy and safety of new herbicides on the horizon DiTomaso, Joseph M.
2005 Cal-IPC weed alerts, new invasions, recent expansions, and a few others to be on the look-out for DiTomaso, Joseph M.
The fennel battle on MCB Camp Pendleton: Partnerships and techniques in combating the invasion Easley, Todd; Bieber, Deborah; Bell, Carl; Tomsovic, Pete
Invasive plants of western United States: Identification and control CD-ROM Evans, Christopher W.; Bargeron, Charles T.; Moorhead, David J.; Douce, G. Keith; Reardon, Richard C.
Phragmites australis in the Humboldt Bay region: Biology of an invasive species and opportunities for treatment Gedik, Tamara L.
Designing invasive plant early detection and rapid response networks Gluesenkamp, Daniel
Montana weed prevention areas: Partnerships for rangeland protection Goodwin, Kim
Trees and shrubs discussion group Heath, Mark; Moore, Ken; Unger, Petra
Tracking weed population dynamics using geodatabase technology Hogle, Ingrid B.; Viers, Joshua H.
Controlling European beachgrass (Ammophila arenaria) using prescribed burns and herbicide Hyland, Tim; Holloran, Pete
Which weed to whack?:The Cal-IPC invasive plant inventory Johnson, Doug; Brusati, Elizabeth
Balancing pest management needs and water quality Klassen, Parry
Effects of single pass flaming on previously brush-cut Genista monspessulana Klein, Janet; Fiala, Shannon
Nostradamus, Palantirs, and the pros and cons of predictive modelling for invasive species management Klinger, Rob
Ecosystem protection through watershed-level prioritization on Catalina Island Knapp, Denise A.; Knapp, John J.
Early detection & rapid response: a western regional approach? Lane, Eric
Blurring edges: A test of weed control methods used along edges of sage scrub patches to encourage shrub colonization into abandoned agricultural fields Maher, Eliza; Stanton, Edward
Phenology of Brassica tournefortii in comparison to B. nigra, B. geniculata, and native Mojave Desert annuals Marushia, Robin; Holt, Jodie
Dry Creek Watershed red sesbania control project – Initial successes and challenges May, Loran; Lucas, Shannon; Evans, Eric; Buck, Peter
Control of water primrose (Ludwigia hexapetala) in a freshwater wetland Meisler, Julian A.
Horticulture/landscaping alternatives working group Newhouser, Mark; Symonds, Kate; Brigham, Christy
Tracking the spread of pampas grass: which cultivar does not matter Okada, Miki; Ahmad, Riaz; Jasieniuk, Marie A.
Control of Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) Oneto, Scott; DiTomaso, Joseph M.; Kyser, Guy B.
Noxious weed early detection & rapid response: California’s been there and is doing just that Pfeiffer, Mary
Large scale pampas grass control program Powers, Jeff
Regulatory concerns with herbicide use in invasive plant projects Price, Richard
Correlation between weed control techniques, cost and habitat restoration success: Two case studies Ryan, Dan; Vona, Andrea
Weed mapping in California – Where are we? Schoenig, Steve
Suppressing exotic weeds on restoration projects using an aggressive herbaceous understory Sperber, Tamara; Griggs, F.T.
Comparison of removal methods for Spartina densiflora in Humboldt Bay Tatum, Ellen R.; Clifford, Patti; Pickart, Andrea J.; Craig, Andr_a
An assessment of the hazard of the herbicide Rodeo and the non-ionic surfactant R-11 to aquatic invertebrates and larval amphibians Trumbo, Joel
Developing predictive models of invasive plants Underwood, Emma; Quinn, Jim
Early detection protocol development in the National Parks: Integrating all the pieces Welch, Bradley A.; Sarr, Daniel; Latham, Penelope
Education/outreach working group West, Wendy; Gluesenkamp, Dan; Chang, David
Prevention of weed spread on site-disturbing projects: Working with landowners, contractors, and local agencies West, Wendy


Perennial pepperweed control experiment at the Cosumnes River Preserve Hogle, Ingrid B.; Waegell, Rebecca

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