2021 Cal-IPC SymposiumExpanding Community to Protect Biodiversity


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Oral Presentations

Devil to pay: Detection and ten years of management of Chromolaena odorata (devil weed) in Hawai’i Beachy, Jane
Florida Invasive Species Partnership & Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas Bell, Emily
PRESCRIBE: DPR’s online database application for protection of endangered species from pesticide exposure Bilheimer, Catherine
Raising awareness and building capability to manage early invader weeds Blood, Kate; Gold, Bianca; James, Bec
Implications of climate change for invasive species Brown-Lima, Carrie
Weed alerts 2021 and inventory updates Burger, Jutta; Price, Robert
Drone imagery and a simple spatial analysis technique for long-term mapping of stinknet (Oncosiphon pilulifer) Burson, Emily
Conserving a global biodiversity hotspot: Aligning 30 x 30 goals at the state and global scale Cameron, Dick; Schloss, Carrie
Building the data pipeline: Managing drone layers Crutsinger, Gregory
Justice, equity and stewardship: How cultural relevance leads to better land management deSilva, Shelana
Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board Fee, Mary
Investigating drivers of plant abundance and community structure on fuelbreaks Fitch, Robert; D'Antonio, Carla; Molinari, Nicole
Post-fire surveys for rare and invasive plants in the San Bernardino Mountains Fraga, Naomi
Plant-soil feedbacks: The benefit of field-based community level study in uncovering their role in restoration Gaffney, Sarah; Malmstrom, Carolyn; Eviner, Valerie
Giant Reed (Arundo donax) control on the San Luis Rey River Watershed from 2000 to 2021: Persistence, perspective and patience (transformation, but still on the wheel) Giessow, Jason
Herbicide symptomology refresher Hanson, Brad
Humboldt WMA Hoffman, Patrick
The what and why of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Holliday, Ava
Making UAVs part of your research toolkit: Some common workflows for vegetation mapping Kelly, Maggi
Cycles of EDRR on Mt. Tamalpais: Finding the sweet spot between structure and flexibility Kesel, Rachel; Greenberger, David; Sturtevant, Michael
Integrated Pest Control Branch Weed Management Area Statewide Meeting 2021 Kratville, David
Utilizing pathways of invader dominance to identify natives of concern LaForgia, Marina
Leveraging partnerships to advance giant reed (Arundo donax) removal and restoration in the Santa Clara River Lambert, Adam
Challenges managing the novel large-scale invasion of stinknet (Oncosiphon pilulifer) at the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve Laskey, Hailey; Principe, Zach
How soil microbes drive and respond to plant invasions in Mediterranean ecosystems: Insights from Australian acacias Le Roux, Johannes
Community scientists help to map post-fire recovery on California’s Central Coast Lesage, Josie
The intersection of research, practice and reflection: One agency’s journey to diversity and inclusion Lethbridge, Amy
Batman on a budget: Affordable gadgets and gear for collecting field data Mahnken, Brooke; Knox, Adam
Using plastic tree shelters and mechanical weeding practices to improve post-fire ecological restoration of highly invaded California native plant communities Mazhnyy, Mark
Lessons learned after nearly a decade of managing and monitoring stinknet (Oncosiphon pilulifer) across Southern California McDonald, Chris
Top 10 pesticide violations of 2020 Mila, LeeAnne
It’s a burning issue! The importance of WMAs: Fire and noxious weeds Mila, LeeAnne
Understanding herbicide labels and drones better Miller, Beau
CDFA IPC mapping Osegueda, Kari
Caulerpa prolifera identified in Newport Bay Owens, Brian
Chile and California: What can we learn from comparing plant invasions across regions and hemispheres? Pauchard, Anibal
California listed plants and ratings Price, Robert
Santa Ana River – Orange County Weed Management Area Pynn, Shani; Major, Matt; Glenn, Brian
Conservation for whom? The history of conservation and social justice Rajagopal, Aparna
Restoring Gaviota tarplant in a sea of iceplant: Challenges and opportunities Riege, Laura; Schneider, Heather; Burger, Jutta
Conservation Lands Network 2.0 Robinson, Tom
Protecting wild spaces through invasive species management: A case study from British Columbia Romyn, Jodi
California’s 30 x 30 Initiative Sloop, Christina
Drone regulations and safety Stark, Brandon
Building continuity across state plant lists: Predicting invasion risk of horticultural plants Stubblefield, Alex
Are invasive grasses directly impacting native plant diversity? Wandrag, Elizabeth; Duncan, Richard; O'Reilly-Nugent, Andrew; Driscoll, Don; Bates, Sarah; Catford, Jane; Thrall, Pete; Barrett, Luke
Opportunities to deliver on the promise of 30 x 30 and “nature-based solutions” Williams, Andrea
Plant invasions and their management in Africa Witt, Arne

Lightning Talk Presentations

Managing to promote biodiversity across property lines in California Central Coast Allred, Jenna
Identifying native plants that promote riparian insect community recovery after giant reed (Arundo donax) removal: Ant community composition Braman, Charlie; Lambert, Adam
Celebrate California Invasive Species Action Week! Brusati, Elizabeth
Avian responses to Arundo removal and restoration Carey, Sean; Hall, Linnea; Kisner, David; Lambert, Adam; Braman, Charlie
North Coast invasive weeds: Early detection rapid response eradication project Ferson, Susannah; Avila-Martinez, Carla
Case study: The mystery of perennial pepperweed and chlorsulfuron in Sierra Valley Getts, Tom
Pollinator response to giant reed (Arundo donax) removal in a Southern California riparian system Hobson, Evan
Ailanthus altissima control methods Neill, Bill
The effects of Vicia villosa invasion on grassland plant-pollinator interactions Nelson, Rebecca
The Consortium of California Herbaria’s CCH2 portal: A public data resource for tracking invasive (and other) plants Pearson, Katie
Increasing the diversity of people and ecosystems through urban restoration projects Tang, Joanna


Exorcists of invasive plants: Devil weed crew, O’ahu, Hawai’i Bishop, Erin
The impact of small vertebrate consumers on community assembly in degraded California sage scrub Edwards, Taylor; Questad, Erin
The removal of invasive woodlands leads to shifts in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi Perez, Jennifer; Shah, Neil; Banuelas, David; Treseder, Kathleen
Proactive planting to preclude persistent pest plants Renteria, Jorge; Darin, Gina; Silva, Jamie; Mulligan, Rhiannon; Linarez, Anthony; Gornish, Elise; Grosholz, Edwin
PlantRight’s annual Spring Nursery Survey Stubblefield, Alex
Re-evaluating the test of the herbicide Weed Slayer for the control of invasive plants Thomas, Don

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