2012 Cal-IPC Symposium Bay to Basin: Coordinating Response to Invasive Plants across California

Doubletree Sonoma Wine Country, Rohnert Park

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Oral Presentations

Preserving serpentine grasslands: ten years of research and management to control barbed goatgrass (Aegilops triuncialis) at the McLaughlin Reserve. Aigner, Paul A.; Case, Erica J.; Harrison, Susan P.; Cornell, Howard V.
Assessing multiple treatment methods to control Festuca arundinacea, using prescribed burning, herbicide, brushcutting and hydro_mechanical_obliteration (H_M_O) Alvarez, Maria E.; Ponzini, Elizabeth; Sullivan, Christine; Magallanes, Amanda; Cartan, Jim
Mutualisms between native and non-native species: global trends and Californian case studies Aslan, Clare E.; Sikes, Benjamin; Gedan, Keryn Bromberg
California’s revised NPDES aquatic pesticide permit update: what’s new? Blankinship, Michael S.
Use of spatially-referenced inventory data to inform management of Lepidium latifolium in tidal marshlands of the San Francisco Estuary Block, Giselle; Tobias, Vannessa; Laca, Emilio
The California firewood task force: A multi-agency response to forest health threats posed by movement of firewood. Bokach, Matthew; Fischer, Lisa; Owen, Don; Alexander, Janice; Palmieri, Katie; Frankel, Susan
RCDs: partnering to combat invasives statewide. Buhr, Karen
Use and effectiveness of landscape-scale surveys in developing weed management strategy. Burger, Jutta; DiRocco, Henry; Naegele, Jennifer; Knapp, John
Controlling the spread of velvet grass (Holcus lanatus) in California coastal prairies: the benefits and constraints of five management techniques. Cooper, Michelle; Olyarnik, Suzanne
Is mastication plus prescribed burning an effective control method for multi-acre medusahead (Elymus caput-medusae) infestations? Coppoletta, Michelle; Rowe, Courtney J.
Seed bank limitation, management and overcoming cycles of exotic plants species hierarchical shifts. Dickens, Sara Jo; Mangla, Seema; Preston, Kris; Suding, Katherine N
Controlling invasive plants in Pacific Gas & Electricês hydroelectric watersheds Dinis, Shannon
The development and validation of a more accurate weed risk assessment tool for evaluating the invasive potential of ornamental plants. DiTomaso, Joseph M.; Conser, Christiana; Seebacher, Lizbeth; Brush, Rachel
Field safety for pesticide applicators. Heath, Mark
Effects of soil inocula on the growth responses of native annual forbs and the invasive annual grass, Bromus diandrus. Hilbig, Bridget E.; Allen, Edith B
The California Landscape Conservation Cooperative Howell, Christine
European dune grass control: 15 years of adaptive management Hyland, Tim
Control of yellow starthistle and reintroduction of native perennial bunchgrasses Johnson, Brent; Tiehm, Jennifer
New and expanding weeds in California. Kelch, Dean
Long-term effects of burn severity and fire frequency on vegetation and seedbanks in the Mojave Desert Klinger, Robert; Brooks, Matt; McKinley, Randy
Calibration of herbicide applications for natural areas Kyser, Guy
Preemergent control of medusahead on California annual rangelands with aminopyralid Kyser, Guy B.; Peterson, Vanelle F.; Davy, Josh S.; DiTomaso, Joseph M.
Operational Performance of a Herbicide Ballistic Technology (HBT) helicopter platform targeting incipient populations of miconia (Miconia calvescens) in Hawaiian watersheds. Leary, James K.; Gooding, Jeremy; Radford, Adam; Mahnken, Brooke; Chapman, John; Kyser, Guy; Cory, Coleen; Knapp, John
Indigenous landscape management practices in Late Holocene California: Implications for contemporary stewardship Lightfoot, Kent
Setting regional strategies for invasive plant management using CalWeedMapper Morawitz, Dana; Brusati, Elizabeth; Johnson, Doug
Divergence in acquisition and allocation patterns among native and introduced populations of an annual grass contribute to invasiveness. ONeill, Matt; Allen, Edith B.; Santiago, Louis S.; Allen, Michael F.
Plant-microbe interactions and plant invasions Parker, Ingrid M.; Gilbert, Gregory S.; Swope, Sarah M.
Controlling Harding grass (Phalaris aquatica) in a grassland setting _ an interim report. Samuels, Stassia; Julian, Laura S.
Battle of the marshes: Invasive plants and wetland restoration North and South. Schuchat, Sam
Laws and Regulations for Pesticide Applicators Smith, Andrew
Invasive plants and novel ecosystems: setting attainable goals in a changing world Suding, Katie
Reliably reducing milk thistle (Silybum marianum) to zero density: a treatment model for annual weeds with plastic life cycles. Summers, Tony M.
Is imazapyr an effective alternative to glyphosate for the control of jubatagrass? Thomas, Don
The Butterfly Effect: assessing herbicide impacts to invertebrates Trumbo, Joel
Differential terrestrial pulmonate gastropod species composition inside and outside eucalyptus forests Walgren, Michael; Andreano, Lisa
The Bay Area Conservation Lands Network: A unified vision for regional biodiversity conservation Weiss, Stuart B.
Coordinated regional strategy in the Central Sierra with CalWeedMapper West, Wendy; Oneto, Scott
Native pollinators and invasive plants: Implications for agriculture and restoration Wojcik, Victoria; Adams, Laurie Davies


Invasive aquatic weeds: Implications for mosquito and vector management activities Blair, Charles E

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