2019 Cal-IPC SymposiumEvolving Management Perspectives in a Changing World


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Oral Presentations

Weeds after Woolsey Algiers, Joseph
Testing the effects of site selection and artificial shelters on native plant recruitment from seed in degraded coastal sage scrub Antill, Marlee
Invasive plant management with the Conservation Corps Appelbaum, Jonathan
No more comparing apple to oranges: Comprehensive invasive plant data management methodology using Collector for ArcGIS within a nested grid system Ball, Morgan; Olthoff, Katrina
Interactions between invasive Schinus molle (Peruvian pepper tree) with six plant species commonly found in southern California nature reserves Banuelas, David
Deconstructing the stories we share about weeds: Strategies for creating meaningful communication with the public Bennett, Josie
Pesticide Jeopardy! Blecker, Lisa
The USFWS “strategic and adaptive plant management model” Block, Giselle
Developing an invasive plant management plan for your organization Block, Giselle; Burger, Jutta; Johnson, Doug; Giessow, Jason; Johnson, Brent; Reyes, Tom; Schoenig, Steve; Williams, Andrea
Adaptive management of invasive plants: A case study from National Wildlife Refuges in the Midwest Region Booker, Joshua
2019 Weed Alerts Burger, Jutta; Price, Bob
Adaptive management of stinknet (Oncosiphon piluliferum) in a coastal sage scrub preserve in North County, San Diego Burson, Emily
Investigating the effects of small mammals and plant competition on native and exotic species within annual grassland communities Charles, Lachlan
Prescribed goat grazing for wildland management Cope, Alyssa
Can ecological theory help us develop better targeted grazing systems for invasive plant management? de la Rosa, Carlos
Determining potential drivers of chaparral conversion in a southern California fire scar Dewees, Shane
Managing for dynamic and unpredictable species invasions Diez, Jeff
Communicating the threat of Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) to private landowners along San Geronimo Creek Dirkse, Anna
Cross-training and curiosity: The interaction of interdisciplinarity and an open mind Ellstrand, Norm
Partnering with California Conservation Corps on large scale weed removal in the Oroville Wildlife Area Ferrara, Holly
Invasive plant species mapping using drones in the Santa Ana River watershed Fox, A.J.
Impacts of annual invasive species to the rare Erythranthe shevockii (Kelso Creek monkeyflower) Fraga, Naomi
Speak to be remembered: Science communication and the art of storytelling Gardner, Sue
Use of species distribution modeling to support early detection and rapid response to invasive plants in the Mountain Prairie Region Garner, Lindy
High salinity exposure does not preclude germination of invasive Iris pseudacorus from populations along a Delta-San Francisco Estuary salinity gradient Gillard, Morgane
Challenges and success of ten years managing the highly invasive Ward’s weed (Carrichtera annua) in Carlsbad, San Diego County Godfrey, Sarah
Big projects, small monitoring budgets: Using basic data to assess treatment effectiveness for control of Cortaderia jubata Hamingson, Ellen
Maximizing the efficiency of invasive plant control with a phenology-based timing approach to management Hernandez, Guy
Something wicked this way comes: California’s perennial problem with invasive arthropod pests Hoddle, Mark
Striking a balance: Selecting strategy levels for a startup invasive Limonium project based on eradication stage and budget Kerr, Drew
Mesembryanthemum crystallinum reduces ecosystem function on San Nicolas Island Knapp, Denise
Impacts of invasives on insects and other arthropods Knapp, Denise
Invasive species management and ecosystem restoration: Two sides of the same coin Larios, Loralee
Evolutionary drivers of the invasion of stinkwort (Dittrichia graveolens) in California Lustenhouwer, Nicky
Below-ground effects of organic and chemical herbicides used in invasive plant management Maltz, Mia
Containing and reducing the spread of Volutaria across southern California: Lessons learned when managing novel weed species McDonald, Chris
Following pesticide laws and regulations to reduce applicator exposure McDonald, Chris
Restoration, invasive species, and conservation challenges in a region with extraordinarily rapid changes Montalvo, Arlee
What is CalWeedMapper and how does it inform regional planning? Morawitz, Dana
Noxious weed laws and regulations Mulherin, Bob
Evolving our thinking on the knowing-doing gap in managing invasive species Parker, Ingrid
Identifying the microbial legacy effects of invasive grasses for restoration Pickett, Brooke
Using Calflora to map and track invasive species in California Powell, Cynthia
Quantifying impacts of invasive plants on California’s imperiled flora: A review Schneider, Heather
Do Oncosiphon piluliferum soil legacy effects post-removal inhibit restoration success? Schwab, Stuart
Targeted grazing as a method of controlling non-native grasses for Stephen’s kangaroo rat management Shomo, Brian
Biological control of Dalmatian toadflax by the weevil Mecinus jenthiniformis at Hungry Valley Smith, Lincoln
How tracking treatments is supporting success in the field in the Southwest Region Spriggs, Edward; DeRango, Bethany
Finding balance when you are stuck in a marsh: Navigating the complexities of Upper Newport Bay for effective invasive plant management Swanson, Amanda
Vegetation types at risk from Sahara mustard invasion: Using Maxent to inform early detection and conservation targets with climate change Sweet, Lynn
Integrating weed control and trait-screened seed mixes to reduce the risk of postfire type conversion from coastal sage scrub to annual grasslands Teller, Noah
iNaturalist for invasive species mapping Ueda, Ken-ichi
Successes, failures, and lessons from the Orange County CNPS Emergent Invasive Program Vanderhoff, Ron
Project 467: Restoring and enhancing native plant diversity and the coefficient of beauty at Edgewood Natural Preserve Weiss, Stuart
Invasive plant workshops in the Pacific Region: Benefits, challenges and adaptations Wenick, Jess
What’s wrong with this picture? Pesticide safety Wilen, Cherlyl


Has yellow starthistle (Centaurea solstitialis) recently adapted to serpentine soils? Brafford, Katherine; Mesgaran, Mohsen
European sea lavender (Limonium duriusculum) impact on salt marsh bird’s beak (Chloropyron maritimum subsp. maritimum) floral visitors Calloway, Stephanie; Knapp, Denise
Rapid assessment photo points and plots for assessing annual diversity and fire risk in Joshua Tree National Park Cancino, Valeria; Graver, Nick; Frakes, Neil
Investigating non-native plant diversity and native plant seed banks to assess the potential recovery and restoration of fuel breaks Fitch, Robert; D'Antonio, Carla; Molinari, Nicole
Plant health assessments using drones in the Prado Basin Fox, A.J.; Seferyn, Sloane; Eung, Kathy; Anacleto, Varren; Zembal, Richard
Exploring the germination ecology of Iris pseudacorus populations invading California wetlands Gillard, Morgane B.; Castillo, Jesús M.; Mesgaran, Mohsen; Futrell, Caryn J.; Grewell, Brenda J.
Enlisting community scientists to study a range expanding plant, Urospermum picroides (L.) F.W. Schmidt, yielding a revised distribution map and recommendations for public engagement through iNaturalist Guilliams, C. Matt; Hasenstab-Lehman, Kristen; Searcy, Adam J.; Richart, Casey H.
Environmental effects of the seed growth on germination traits of invasive Ulex europaeus Hozawa, Mika; Nawata, Eiji
Investigating shifts in post-fire plant regeneration strategies and functional traits in Southern California shrublands Kargul, Meg; Larios, Loralee
Measuring exotic grass invasion through historical aerial photographs Ma, Stephanie; D'Antonio, Carla
Using plastic tube tree shelters to increase seedling establishment for ecological restoration of California native plant communities Mazhnyy, Mark; Antill, Marlee; Questad, Erin
Environmental factors and herbicide effect on germination rates of stinknet (Oncosiphon piluliferum), an invasive weed in Southern California Perez-Ochoa, Zara; de la Rosa, Carlos A.
Pre-planting to preclude persistent pest plants Renteria Bustamante, Jorge Luis; Darin, Gina; Grosholz, Edwin; Silva, Jamie; Mulligan, Rhiannon; Hoffmann, Krista; Ahmed, Bayan
Evaluating the efficiency of herbicides for management for Oncosiphon piluliferum (stinknet) Rodriguez, Clarissa; Bean, Travis; McDonald, Christopher; Larios, Loralee
Managing the goldspotted oak borer in Orange County, California Tamura, Nicole; Koeslag, Kalee; Ostmann, Isaac
Effects of abiotic and biotic constraints on invasion in restored vernal pools Tang, Joanna; Nolan, Madeline
UAV applications for invasive plant monitoring Thoms, Rob; Keever, Megan; Rodriguez, Karley; Lyle, Chris
Restoration fusion: the utilization of a young, diverse membership, and unique partnerships to accomplish wildland recovery throughout California Torrence, Ian; Parrish, Julia; Robertson, Eric; Plance, Jessica; Jardine, Susan
Invasive plant patrol in Orange County; Early detection and rapid response training for volunteers Verrell, Adam
Adapting treatment methods for Ailanthus altissima adjacent to sensitive fish habitat Wing, Rachel; Castro, Andrew; Fraga, Naomi; Sale, Billy; Snyder, Kristy; Soto, Alejandra

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