2009 Cal-IPC SymposiumWildland Weed Management on the Leading Edge

Visalia Convention Center, Visalia, CA

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Oral Presentations

Evaluating the potential for spread of an invasive forb, Limonium ramosissimum, in San Francisco Bay salt marshes. Archbald, Gavin; Boyer, Katharyn
Can a spiny shrub prick the collective ecological conscience? Athan, Tara; Warner, Peter
Experimental test of different treatments for control of terracina spurge (Euphorbia terracina): Comparison of hand pulling, glyphosate, and chlorsulfuron. Avina, Erin; Dorsey, Ann; Brigham, Christy
Aquatic weed management: A survey of techniques and environmental impacts 2001-present Blankinship, Michael
Using smart phones and citizen scientists to map invasive species and track spread over time. Brigham, Christy; Graham, Eric; Reddy, Sasank; Yuen, Eric; Maldonado, Olmo
Working together against weeds: workshops, materials, and best management practices to prevent invasive species spread due to land management operations. Brigham, Christy; Goldsmith, Jay; Haultain, Sylvia
Interactions between fire and plant invasions under a warming climate in the Sierra Nevada bioregion. Brooks, Matt; Klinger, Rob; Wagtendonk, Jan Van
Pesticide Laws & Regs: Double Jeopardy Chang, David
Pesticide Safety Jeopardy. Chang, David "Alex Trebek"
From foothills grasslands to alpine peaks: Managing weeds at the leading edge in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Demetry, Athena.
Exotic grass and forb control in a California grassland. Dickens, Sara Jo; Allen, Edith B
Beyond weed wrenches: New tools and techniques from around the state. DiTomaso, Joseph M.
The Southern Sierra Partnership Dustin, Hilary
Controlling the invasion of noxious rangeland weeds into an exotic-dominated grassland: Is there a role for native grass reseeding? Eviner, Valerie; Rice, Kevin J.; Malmstrom, Carolyn M.
Laws and regulations pertaining to the sale and movement of noxious weeds in California. Filippini, Katie
Show me the money! Developing a reimbursement program with the private sector. Gartside, Ellen; Roessler, Cindy
Refining mechanical removal methods for the eradication of Spartina densiflora at Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge Goodman, Trevor; Pickart, Andrea
Mapping weeds from the ground, the air or beyond. Griswold, Margot; Williams, Dane; Schmid, Brian; Robinson, Rob
From backpacks to jetpacks, handpicks to skidsteers: Leveraging old tools and new techniques for long-term restoration success Heath, Mark
The promise and pitfalls of species distribution modeling to predict future invasions Heller, Nicole
The importance of vouchering plant identifications Hrusa, Fred; Kelch, Dean
Evidence that plant-associated methylotrophic bacteria aid in grassland and coastal sage scrub restoration Irvine, Irina; Witter, Marti; Brigham, Christy; Martiny, Jennifer B.H.; Suding, Katharine
Genetic identity and phylogenetic relationships of invasive brooms in California Kleist, Annabelle; Jasieniuk, Marie
Maintaining riparian habitats after initial invasive plant treatments on Camp Pendleton Lardiere, Benjamin M.; Bieber, Deborah
Can we keep invasive plants at bay by restoring with competitive native plants? Leger, Elizabeth A.
Assessing the effects of Foeniculum vulgare on seedling germination, soil legacy effects and restoration strategies Liu, Heather
Soil moisture stress tolerance of a leading biofuel crop Miscanthus x giganteus is similar to the invasive weed Arundo donax Mann, Jeremiah; Barney, Jacob; Kyser, Guy; DiTomaso, Joe
Lots of land, lots of weeds, and little time: Large-scale baseline weed mapping McDermott, Erin; Bartosh, Heath
Team Arundo del Norte: Lessons learned from a coordinated approach to weed management Newhouser, Mark; DiPietro, Deanne; Spencer, David; Unger, Ron; Sesser, Bryan; Stewart, Zhahai
Evaluating the seed bank of a disturbed site to determine potential ecological restoration strategies Olesen, Cory; Doran, Daniel; D_Antonio, Carla
Climate change and protecting biological diversity: Implementation of California’s report on adaptation strategy. Rayburn, Rick
WeedSearch: A new tool for estimating time and cost of eradication Robison, Ramona; Darin, Gina
The role of animals and disturbance in plant invasion: Lessons from the Carrizo Plain Schiffman, Paula
Evening the odds: Evaluating the combined effects of nitrogen fertilization and exotic annual removal on native annual forbs in the Colorado Desert Schneider, Heather; Allen, Edith
Birds and invasive plants: A review of interactions and management considerations Spautz, Hildie; Brusati, Elizabeth
Solar tents: A new twist on an established method for inactivating plant propagative material Stapleton, James J.
Tulare County WMA cost-share for invasive weed control Sullins J., Wright; Steve, Palmer; Elizabeth, 
Density, compensation and the persistence of yellow starthistle populations across California Swope, Sarah; Parker, Ingrid
Active and passive restoration of fountain thistle habitat following jubatagrass removal Thomas, Don
Weed control and habitat restoration in saline habitat Thomson, David


Invasive aquatic weeds: Implications for mosquito and vector management activities Blair, Charles E.
Does seed source matter in the post-fire revegetation of Elymus multisetus in the Great Basin Rowe, C.J.; Leger, Elizabeth

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