2002 Cal-IPC SymposiumRisk Assessments and the Ecological and Economic Impacts of Invasive Weeds

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Oral Presentations

Spread of exotic cordgrasses and hybrids (Spartina sp.) in the tidal marshes of San Francisco Bay Ayres, Debra R.; Smith, Debra L.; Zaremba, Katy; Klohr, Shannon; Strong, Donald R.
Manual removal of cape ivy in Volunteer Canyon Bolinas Lagoon Preserve, Audubon Canyon Ranch, Stinson Beach, California Blumin, Len; Gluesenkamp, Daniel
Salmon River Cooperative noxious weed program, part 1 of 3 Brucker, Peter
Salmon River Cooperative noxious weed program, part 3 of 3 Bruckner, Peter
Salmon River Cooperative noxious weed program, part 2 of 3 Bruckner, Peter; , 
Influences of Arundo donax invasion on riparian biodiversity DiPietro, Deanne; Dudley, Tom
Trial of several herbicides and application techniques for control of Ailanthus altissima, Upper Putah Creek, Yolo County DiTomaso, Joe; Kyser, Guy
Alternative bedding sites for grazing sheep on Ft. Ord Ghalambor, Kevin
Weed Watch: A guide for gardeners Ghalambor, Kevin; Lienk, Laura Lee
Analyzing economic impacts of leafy spurge in the northern Great Plains Leistritz, F. Larry
Eating exotics for lunch: Does cattle grazing in vernal pool grasslands increase diversity of native plant species by reducing the abundance of exotics? Marty, Jaymee T.
Regulatory compliance at the county level Rose, Peggy
Determining the effectiveness of eradicating Centaurea maculosa from the Salmon River wildland ecosystem Salmon River Restoration Council, 
The importance of quantifying economic impacts of invasive weeds Schoenig, Steve
More bang for your buck: Comparative benefits of using volunteers in weed management Scott, Aleutia
Introduced Spartina in San Francisco Bay: 2000-2001 Survey and Findings, San Francisco Estuary Invasive Spartina Project Smith, Debra; Klohr, Shannon; Zaremba, Katy
Biological control programs for yellow starthistle and Russian thistle Smith, Lincoln; Cristofaro, Massimo; Sobhian, Rouhollah; Bruckart, William L.; Pitcairn, Michael J.
Predicting Arundo donax shoot emergence using degree-day based equations Spencer, David F.; Ksander, Gregory G.
Developing alternatives to invasive landscaping plants Stanton, Alison E.
2002 Red alert! New introductions and recent expansions in California Tu, Mandy; Randall, John M.
CalEPPC’s risk assessment process for classifying invasive non-native plants Warner, Peter J.
Effect of competition on artichoke thistle, Cynara cardunculus White, Virginia A.; Holt, Jodie S.

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