2013 Cal-IPC SymposiumTaking the Long View

Lake Arrowhead, CA

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Oral Presentations

The effects of invasive pollen on the seed set of a native plant. Bruckman, Daniela
WHIPPET : Online tool for prioritizing control of invasive plant populations. Brusati, Elizabeth; Morawitz, Dana
Effects of four herbicides on the survival and growth of native perennial grasses. Burger, Jutta
Distribution of reactive nitrogen species in California based on passive sampler monitoring campaigns. Bytnerowicz, Andrzej
Response of soil nitrogen cycling to the interaction of invasive plants, simulated cattle grazing, and nitrogen additions. Carey, Chelsea
Interpreting pesticide regulations and labels. Chang, David
A State of Change: Forgotten Landscapes of California Cunningham, Laura
New Weed Alerts! DiTomaso, Joseph
Three-year effects of aminopyralid on a grassland plant community. DiTomaso, Joseph
Reaching novel audiences with information about invasive species. Drill, Sabrina
Artichoke thistle control and endangered species habitat in preserved land. Edwards, Tiffany
The feasibility of chaparral restoration on type-converted slopes (presentation) Engel, Megan
The feasibility of chaparral restoration on type-converted slopes (poster) Engel, Megan
Critical loads for atmospheric nitrogen deposition in California. Fenn, Mark
Red-sepaled evening-primrose (Oenothera glazioviana): an increasing threat to native genotypes and natural and restored habitats. Ferren, Wayne
Crossing the Line: Working with private land owners and slender false brome (Brachypodium sylvaticum). Gartside, Ellen
Do invasive plant species negatively affect diet and preference of a native California bumble bee? Harmon-Threatt, Alexandra
The use of phenology and plant morphological traits to reassemble invaded plant communities. Hilbig, Bridget
Sunrise Powerlink: adaptive weed control strategy. Hobbs, Robert W.
Plant ecology of desert annuals. Huxman, Travis
The Nature Conservancy’s program to eradicate 24 non-native invasive plant species from Santa Cruz Island. Knapp, John; Cory, Coleen
Raiders of the Lost Ark: resurrecting the San Miguel Island chaparral seedbank. Knapp, John
Assessing human risk from pesticide exposure. Krieger, Robert
Bridging the information gap between land managers and research scientists. Matzek, Virginia
Sahara mustard: from here to gone. McDonald, Christopher
Woody plant control. Moore, Ken
Prospects for biological control of Cape-ivy with the Cape-ivy fly and the cape-ivy moth. Moran, Patrick J.
Early planning tool for habitat restoration. Murano, Noreen; Lanier, Casey
Long-term recovery of native perennial grasslands utilizing scraping, seeding and Hydromechanical Obliteration treatments: a five-year report. Naumovich, Lech
Vinca major and stone pine control in an endangered island endemic plant population _ an update. Owen, Ken
Status of biological control projects on terrestrial invasive alien weeds in California. Pitcairn, Mike
Smartphone app to collect weed data. Powell, Cynthia
Building an Arundo control jobs program. Rentner, Julie
An early detection pilot project in California State Parks. Robison, Ramona; Meade, Lana
A geneticist’s perspective Rogers, Deborah
An ecologistÍs perspective. Seastedt, Timothy
Aquatic weed ecology and influence on ecosystem services in lakes: case study from Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe. Shaw, Dan
Registering a pesticide in California. Spas, Richard
A study of drought resistance of stinkwort (Dittrichia graveolens). Thomas, Don
Assessing herbicide risks to Threatened or Endangered wildlife species. Trumbo, Joel
Effects of nitrogen deposition on coastal sage scrub invasion and reestablishment. Valliere, Justin
The California nitrogen deposition initiative: funding weed management through mitigation. Weiss, Stuart

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