2017 Cal-IPC SymposiumWorking Across Boundaries

Palm Springs

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Oral Presentations

Effectiveness of non-native plant treatments across the U.S. National Park system: A synthesis Abella, Scott
The good with the bad: When ecological restoration facilitates non-native plants Abella, Scott; Chiquoine, Lindsay
Hawaii’s Interagency Biosecurity Strategy: Protecting what matters in a global invasion hotspot Atwood, Joshua
Allelopathic impacts of Schinus molle on exotic and native plant communities in southern California BaåÐuelas, David
Not all weeds are equal: Effects of weeds on desert biodiversity Barrows, Cameron
Barb goatgrass management: Interactive effects of grazing, glyphosate rate, application timing, and restoration seeding Bean, Travis; Gornish, Elise; Kyser, Guy
Northward expansion of invasive shot hole borers (Euwallaceaspp. nr. Fornicates [Curculionidae]) in riparian systems of central California Bennett, Shelley; Dudley, Tom
New biocontrol releases and integrated control targeting Arundo in riparian areas Bitume, Ellyn
Native and invasive in the same region: Determining the above and belowground impacts of invasion for Monterey pines in California Boaz, Briana
Planning constraints to IPM adoption by National Forests in California Brownsey, Philip
Principles of Invasive Plant Management Darin, Gina
Prioritization and Mapping Darin, Gina
Japanese Dodder, Cuscuta japonica, control and eradication efforts in Alameda County 2015 to 2017 Duarte, Edmund
California desert invaders: Threats and opportunities to conserve a vast ecosystem Fraga, Naomi
Out of the garden and into the wild: Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden̥s role in plant conservation and invasive species management Fraga, Naomi
Managing invasive plants at Joshua Tree National Park Frakes, Neil
Assessing vegetation cover metrics through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and image analysis software for use in habitat restoration Fromer, Alex; Nieto, Mike; Palmer, Karyl; McDermott, Frank
Funding Giessow, Jason
Permitting Giessow, Jason
Protecting surface water from pesticide contamination in California Goh, Kean
Mycorrhizae, invasions, and the temporal dynamics of mutualism disruption Grove, Sara
Modeling the control of invasive fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) on San Clemente Island Havstad, Emma
Utilizing California’s State Wildlife Action Plan 2015 Update (SWAP 2015) as a collaborative invasive species management tool Hoshi, Junko
Management of Volutaria tubuliflora at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park ̐ A community effort Hyland, Mason
Coastal strand enhancement, invasive plant management and restoration ̐ North San Diego County Innecken, Shirley
Invasive plant management programs update Johnson, Doug
Assessing spatio-temporal changes of invasive Limonium ramosissimum in San Francisco Bay wetlands Kalchmayr, Kerstin
New weeds in California: An update Kelch, Dean
Controlling Algerian sea lavender in San Francisco Estuary tidal marshes Kerr, Drew
Outreach and Communications Kesel, Rachel
Early detection of invasive plants across boundaries Kesel, Rachel
Aquatic invasive plant management across California Kratville, David
Complexity, constraints and challenges of tamarisk treatment in the Mojave River watershed Lair, Kenneth; Bell, Chuck; Lindgren, Jackie
Development of desert panicgrass (Panicum urvilleanum Kunth.) for use in southwestern desert river channel and riparian restoration Lair, Kenneth; Huffine, Matthew; Shirley, Lyn; Dial, Heather; Bell, Chuck
Native riparian revegetation success in controlled tamarisk and non-tamarisk sites in the Mojave River watershed, California Lair, Kenneth
Carlsbad Hydrologic Unit Invasive Plant Species Control Program Lindgren, Barry
Calflora’s Weed Manager Malpas, John; Powell, Cynthia
Investigating allelopathy and soil moisture as factors determining community composition of a Southern California black walnut woodland Marfori, Jose; Questad, Dr Erin
Overcoming challenges: Managing the highly invasive Volutaria across California McDonald, Chris
Grassland restoration and invasive weed management in Southern California: Medusahead as a case study McDonald, Chris
Re-introducing introduction: Renewed relevance of public gardens traditional role and preventing invasive plant introductions McDonough, Frank
Effects of ash and hard water on herbicide efficacy Morrison, Jessica; Murano, Noreen; Lantz, Sam; Riege, Laura
What to expect from your pesticide inspection Mulherin, Robert
Aerial lifts and Arundo donax control in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Newhouser, Mark
Past, present, and future: Saltcedar (Tamarix spp.) and biological control in California Norelli, Nicole
Implementing an Early Detection Program on Catalina Island: Prioritizing landscaped grasses Parish, Julia
BLMs Mojave Desert native plant restoration following wildfires and weed treatments: The right seed in the right place Perkins, Judy
Restoring soil microbial conditions after grass invasion for improved restoration Pickett, Brooke
Weed biological control in California: Review of the past and prospects for the future Pitcairn, Michael J.
New biocontrol releases and integrated control targeting Cape-ivy in riparian areas Portman, Scott
Managing Egeria densa and other invasive aquatic plants as part of the Delta Smelt Resiliency Strategy Rasmussen, Nick; Green, Heather; Khanna, Shruti; Caudill, Jeffrey; Ateljevich, Eli; Conrad, Louise
Management of a coastal bluff community invaded by Oxalis pes-caprae with low concentrations of glyphosate Reed, Lewis; Olarnik, Suzanne; Hyland, Tim
Erasing imaginary lines: Working collaboratively across state and national park lines to combat invasive plants Reyes, Tom
Argentine ants may be significantly contributing to the spread of numerous invasive weeds Rubin, Greg
Thinking beyond the garden: How the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden confronts invasive plants via horticulture, education and research Schneider, Heather
Weed Identification and Impact Schoenig, Steve
Policy and Agency Context Schoenig, Steve
100 years of statewide coordination and eradication of Invasive weeds in California: A brief history Schoenig, Steve
Completing the knowledge cycle: Deriving IPM knowledge directly from practitioners on working landscapes Schohr, Tracy
Invasive plant management on the Farallon Islands National Wildlife Refuge Shore, Jonathan
Effects of manual and mechanical Ammophila arenaria removal techniques on coastal dune plant communities and dune morphology SilvaCrossman, Monique; O'Dowd, Alison
Waste not, want not: A pilot study on direct seeding over straw mulch as a means of revegetation Stump, Rachel; Alvarez, Maria
Effects of renewable energy development on demography of Brassica tournefortii Tanner, Karen
Pheno-com monitoring for management of Salsola tragus (Russian thistle) Teller, Noah; Bean, Travis
Management of Bermuda buttercup (Oxalis pes-caprae) in the Peninsula Watershed of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Thomas, Don
Is glyphosate a human carcinogen? Trumbo, Joel
Forest health and watershed improvement through noxious weed management Urie, Susie
Volutaria detection and management at Upper Newport Bay, Orange County Vanderhoff, Ron
Software systems to help predict invasive plant establishment Wilen, Cheryl
Strategic Approaches Williams, Andrea
The hoe isn’t the only thing scuffling: Testing non-chemical control techniques for Brachypodium distachyon in serpentine and non-serpentine grasslands Williams, Andrea
Non-Chemical Approaches to Invasive Plant Management Williams, Andrea; Wilen, Cheryl
Large-scale riparian restoration in the Santa Clara River Williams, Jared; Lambert, Adam M.; Dudley, Tom L.
Mapping, prioritization, and eradication of Arundo donax in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Young, Alex

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