Cal-IPC Symposium 2016

November 2-5, Tenaya Lodge in Yosemite

Poster Session
Tanya Chapple, Mid Klamath Watershed Council and Emily Ferrel, Salmon River Watershed Council discuss their poster at the poster session.

Photo: Doug Johnson

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Training: Invasive Plant Management 101

Training: Certified Weed-Free Forage and Mulch

Training: Calflora’s Weed Manager

DPR: Laws and Regulations

Session 1. A Century of Park Stewardship

Session 2. Grazing, Weeds, and Rangeland Management

Session 5
Diana Benner of The Watershed Nursery gives a talk on the risks Phytophthora species pose to restoration goals.

Photo: Bob Case

Session 3. Successful Invasive Plant Management Projects


Session 4. Gimme the Dirt: Plant Invasion and the Soil Microbiome

Session 5. Do No Harm: Managing Restoration’s Unintended Consequences

Session 6. Early Detection: How NPS Keeps on Top of Invasive Plants in the High Country

Session 7. Aerial Tools for Mapping and Treatment

Session 8. Finding Common Ground in Resource Management

  1. Controlling invasive plants in designated wilderness.
    Mary Beth Hennessy, Inyo National Forest
  2. The Wildland Fire Resource Advisor position: Communication strategies for bridging invasive plant management, resource values and fire response.
    Jun Kinoshita, Yosemite National Park
  3. Preserving cultural resources while protecting natural resources from invasive plants.
    Jun Kinoshita, Yosemite National Park
  4. Matching restoration tools to rare plant recovery needs in invaded Channel Island landscapes.
    Kathryn McEachern, Ecologist, US Geological Survey

Discussion Groups

  1. Tools & Techniques: Ask the Invasive Plant Management Experts – Learn from your peers and get your specific control questions answered by our expert panel of seasoned land managers.
  2. Grazing, Weeds and Rangeland Management – How can you incorporate grazing into your management regime? Chair: Morgan Duran, UC Cooperative Extension
  3. Using Weed-Free Materials – What land managers need to know about using weed-free mulch and feed. Led by Paul Kjos, Shasta County Agriculture and Joanna Clines, Sierra National Forest.
  4. Integrating Biocontrols into Your Work – We know biocontrol agents can be powerful, but how can land managers deploy existing agents for their lands? Led by Mike Pitcairn, CA Dept. of Food & Agriculture.
  5. Non-Native Plants in Restoration – Recognizing that non-native plants are part of the landscapes we manage, and that climate change is shifting vegetation communities, what role might non-native plants play in meeting stewardship goals? Led by Elise Gornish, UC Davis.

Session 9. Invasive Plant Research I

Session 10. Productive Partnerships for Invasive Plant Management

Session 11. Invasive Plant Research II

Session 12. What Are We Learning?

Session 13. Invasive Plant Management: Past, Present, and Future.


Cal-IPC’s “Celebration of 25 years” Video Submission

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