Cal-IPC Symposium 2014

Poster Session
2014 poster session.

Photo: Bob Case

Wildland Weeds and Water

October 8-11, 2014, Chico

View program and abstracts. Links below are pdf files converted from Powerpoint presentations.

Field Course: Control Methods for Woody Species

  1. Ask the experts (and each other)
  2. Careers in invasive plants and restoration
  3. Prioritization – Prioritization Tools.
  4. Working on the wildland/urban interface
  5. Working with volunteers – Volunteer Survey.
  6. Revegetation and competitive planting

Session 9. Mapping and Monitoring

Session 10. Outreach and Management

Session 11. Weeds as Water Wasters

  • Aquatic weeds: water waste or water wise? John Madsen, USDA-ARS Exotic and Invasive Weed Research Unit
  • Weeds and water: the interacting effects of phenology, competition, climate, geology, and soils on soil moisture, surface flows, and ground water recharge. John Gerlach, State Water Resources Control Board – presentation not available


Student Posters

General Posters

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