Cal-IPC Symposium 2003

Presentations are posted below as pdf files. Warning: these are large files.

Planning Weed Management for Ecosystem Recovery

Tahoe Field Trip at the 2003 Symposium
Tahoe Field Trip at the 2003 Symposium

2003 Cal-IPC Red Alert! New invasions and recent expansions
Mandy Tu, The Nature Conservancy Wildland Invasive Species Team

1: Laws and Regulations

2: Assessing, Planning, and Setting Priorities

4: Working with Ecosystem Processes in Recovery

  • Atmospheric CO2 influences on recovery potential
    Jay Arnone, Desert Research Institute
  • Nitrogen augmentation of soils  
    Jeff Corbin, UC Berkeley and Carla D’Antonio, USDA-ARS
  • Fire regimes and potential for recovery  
    Matt Brooks, USGS and Mike Pellant, BLM
  • Hydrological influences on recovery potential
    Julie Stromberg, Arizona State University

5: New Managment Tools and Techniques

7: Monitoring and Evaluating Recovery Progress

8 & 9: Contributed Papers