Cal-IPC Symposium 2010

Ventura, California, October 14-16, 2010
Weeds and Wildlife: Impacts and Interactions

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Bobcat in yellow starthistle
Bobcat traveling through yellow starthistle.

Photo: Brian Murphy

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2010 Weed Alerts

See our Invasive Plant Alerts page for this year’s presentation on weeds to watch out for.

Keynote Address

  • Weeds and wildlife, impacts and interactions: A case study from Santa Cruz Island, California. Scott Morrison, The Nature Conservancy.

Trends in Early Detection Mapping

DPR Laws and Regulations

Student Paper Contest

Managing Invasive Plants

Balancing Management for Invasive Plants

Invasive Plant Impacts to Wildlife

Grazing, Weeds, & Wildlife

Habitat Restoration

Managing Weeds & Wildlife on the Channel Islands

Bringing It All Together

Discussion Groups

  1. Mobile technologies for weed management
  2. A management decision tool for perennial pepperweed
  3. “Weed-free” materials programs, Yosemite Weed Free Gravel Program
  4. Communicating your message
  5. Designing restoration projects to meet invasive plant and wildlife goals
  6. Avoiding non-target effects to wildlife when using herbicides
  7. Job skills for natural resource management: Tailoring your resume to a job announcement




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