Cal-IPC Symposium 2009

Visalia, California, October 8-10, 2009

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Reed canarygrass removal
Removing reed canarygrass at Kings Canyon National Park

Photo: Athena Demetry, NPS

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2009 Weed Alerts

See our Invasive Plant Alerts page for this year’s presentation on weeds to watch out for.

Keynote Address

  • California’s fading wildflowers: Lost legacy and biological invasions. Richard Minnich, UC Riverside.

Weed Management on the Leading Edge

Student Paper Contest

DPR Laws and Regulations

New Tools

Climate Change: Impacts and Responses

Weed Management on a Large Scale

Partnerships & Incentives

Invasive Plant Management

The Leading Edge of Weed Management: New Tools & Techniques

Discussion Groups

  1. Control methods roundtable
  2. Mapping points, lines, or polygons: What data representation works best for my project?
  3. Research needs for invasive plant management and ecology
  4. The unique challenges of long-term follow-up monitoring
  5. Brassica tournefortii (Saharan mustard) (Notes, presentation)
  6. Careers in invasive species management
  7. Preventing introduction and spread of invasive weeds via construction equipment and supply materials (and related USFS report, 1.5 MB)




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