Cal-IPC Symposium 2006

Cal-IPC 2006 Symposium, Rohnert Park
Cal-IPC 2006 Symposium, Rohnert Park

Photo courtesy Bob Case

Solving California’s invasive plant crisis requires rapid translation of research results into management actions. In addition, natural resource
managers are often the first to identify interesting questions that become compelling research topics. The 2006 Symposium explored commonalities and conflicts
at the interface of research and management, with invited speakers from both realms.

2006 Symposium Presentations

Research and Management: Bridging the Gap

  • October 5th–7th at the Sonoma Doubletree Hotel in Rohnert Park
  • Thanks to our sponsors for their generous support of Cal-IPC and the Symposium.

DPR Continuing Education Credits

  • Tools for Early Detection field course, Oct. 4: 7.0 hrs. Other, code A-1288-06
  • Thursday, Oct. 5: 6.0 hrs. Other, code A-1285-06
  • Friday, Oct. 6: 6.0 hrs. total, code A-1286-06. Those who attended the Laws and Regulations session,
    received 2.0 hrs. of Laws and Regs. credit plus 4.0 hrs. Other. Those not attending Laws and Regs. received
    6.0 hrs. Other.
  • Saturday, Oct. 7: 4.0 hrs. Other, code A-1287-06


2006 Weed Alerts

Dr. Joe DiTomaso gave a presentation on weeds to watch out for.

2006 Symposium Presentations

Note: These are large pdf files converted from Powerpoint presentations.You may need to download the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

Riparian and Aquatic Invasives

Management and Economic Impacts (contributed papers)

Bridging the Gap: Research (invited papers)

Early Detection (contributed papers)

Restoration (contributed papers)

Laws and Regulations (presentations for licensed applicators)

Spartina and Lepidium

Bridging the Gap: Management (invited papers)

Bridging the Gap PanelNotes from the concluding panel


Discussion and Working Group Notes

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