Cal-IPC Symposium 1997

Proceedings are posted below as pdf files; they are also available for purchase. Warning: proceedings and presentations are large files.

Title Page and Table of Contents

The roadside view of a national weed strategy
Bonnie L. Harper-Lore, Federal Highway Administration

Interagency cooperation for noxious weed control
Anne Knox, Bureau of Land Management

Exotic plants in the Sonoran Desert region, Arizona and Sonora
Thomas R. Van Devender, Richard S. Felger, and Alberto Burquez M.

Formation of “Team Arundo del Norte” in Northern and Central California
Paul A. Jones, US Environmental Protection Agency

Weed Alert! New invasive weeds in California
John M. Randall, The Nature Conservancy

Flood-borne noxious weeds: Impacts on riparian areas and wetlands
Susan G. Donaldson, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

Risk analysis of various weed control methods
Joseph M. DiTomaso, UC Davis

The California Noxious Weeds Projects Database: a project of the Claifornia Interagency Noxious Weed Coordinating Committee
Steve E. Schoenig, California Department of Food and Agriculture

Hydrilla, a case study: The state of California’s noxious weed eradication programs
Ross A. O’Connell, California Department of Food and Agriculture

Ecotypes of native species: How local is local in restoration planning?
Eric E. Knapp and Kevin J. Rice, UC Davis

Engaging inner-city youth in urban habitat restoration
Carl L. Grimm, San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners

Using Transline herbicide to control invasive plants
Vanelle F. Carrithers, DowElanco

Using Arsenal for brushy species control
Carl Bell, Farm Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension, Holtville

How the West was lost: Resonstructing the invasion dynamics of yellow starthistle (Centauria solstitialis)
John Gerlach, UC Davis

Eucalyptus removal on Angel Island
David Boyd, California Department of Parks and Recreation

Fire on the mountain: A land manager’s manifesto for broom control
Michael Swezy and Dennis C. Odion, Marin Municipal Water District

Control of European beachgrass (Ammophila arenaria) on the west coast of North America
Andrea J. Pickart, The Nature Conservancy

Management of Delairea odorata (Senecio milkanioides) at Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Maria Alvarez, GGNRA, San Francisco

Working effectively with paid crews
Abstract: Lisa Vittori, formerly with CA Conservation Corps

Volunteer programs in rural areas
Abstract: Linda Miller, Humboldt Projects Manager, Center for Natural Lands Management

Stewardship and resource education at the Presidio
Abstract: Sharon Farrell, Plant Ecologist, GGNRA

Getting a weed biocontrol project started: Some successful grassroots efforts
Abstract: Joe Balciunas, Biological Control of Western Weeds Project, USDA-ARS

Potentially allelopathic effects of poison hemlock (Conium maculatum) on native plant revegetation
Poster: Janell M. Hillman, UC Santa Cruz