Cal-IPC Symposium 1995

Proceedings are posted below as pdf files; they are also available for purchase. Warning: proceedings and presentations are large files.

Title Page and Table of Contents

Fire ecology of exotic grasses in the California desert
Abstract: Richard A. Minnich

War on German ivy: Good news from the front
Abstract: Carla Bossard and Carrie Benefield

A test of removal/control techniques for French broom
Abstract: Cal-IPC Broom Control Working Group

Overview of biological invasions in California riparian areas and wetlands
Tom Dudley

Federal regulatory efforts to minimize the introduction and impacts of exotic pest plants in the United States
Randy G. Westbrooks

Volunteers and long-term community support for effective pest plant control
Ken Moore

Use of biologically based methods to control pest plants: Issues related to federal research, regulation, and implementation
Elizabeth A. Chornesky

Overview of Extension non-crop weed research in California
Joseph M. DiTomaso

Update: Federal interagency committee for the management of noxious and exotic weeds
Nelroy E. Jackson

California Department of Food and Agriculture’s Noxious Weed Program
Gerald H. Miller

Salt cedar, revegetation and riparian ecosystems in the Southwest
Bertin W. Anderson

Ecology and control of perennial pepperweed (Lepidium latifolium L.)
James A. Young, Debra E. Palmquist, Robert S. Blank, and Charles E. Turner

Alien cordgrasses in Pacific estuaries
Donald R. Strong and Curtis C. Daehler

Use of fire and cutting to control yellow starthistle (preliminary results of a yellow starthistle control experiment)
John T. Rusmore

Exotic plant considerations in the wake of a wildfire
Sandra C. Morey and Kevin E. Shaffer

Cheatgrass and wildfires in the intermountain West
James A. Young and Robert R. Blank

Use of fire to control French broom
David Boyd