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The complete text of Invasive Plants of California’s Wildlands is available online. Please cite information from this book as:
Author. 2000. Plant name. pp. xx-xx in Bossard, C. C., J.M. Randall, and M. C. Hoshovsky. Invasive Plants of California’s Wildlands. University of California Press. Berkeley, CA



California Wildland Invasive Plants – by John M. Randall and Marc C. Hoshovsky

Management of Invasive Species – by Marc C. Hoshovsky and John M. Randall

Species Accounts

Plant descriptions are available listed in the following categories:

  • Scientific name – listed in alphabetical order by Genus

  • Common name
    – listed by common name of the plant

  • Author
    – by author of the plant description

  • Categories
    – listed  by the 1999 Cal-IPC Pest Plant list or CDFA noxious weed list

The scientific names (binomials) used in the species accounts and throughout the book follow The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California. (Hickman, 1993). The accepted scientific name for each species is given at the beginning of each account and in parentheses after the common name the first time it is mentioned in any chapter. Scientific names used in earlier floras but no longer accepted are listed as synonyms. Common names mentioned in any of the sources used in the preparation of each species account are listed at the beginning of the account. The common name deemed most widely used in California is listed first and is used in the test of the species account when referring to the species. The number of closely related native and non-native species (if any) are also listed at the top of each species account.
Each species rating on the 1999 Cal-IPC list (A-1, A-2, B, or Red Alert) and its rating on the California Department of Food and Agriculture noxious weed list (A, B, C or ‘nl’ for not listed) are also indicated at the top of each account.


Herbicide Table