IPCW | Acknowledgements


The editors wish to acknowledge

United States Fish and Wildlife Service
for financial support of this project.

California Exotic Pest Plant Council
for assistance in gathering illustrations, providing financial support, and sharing their slide collection and insights.

Nelroy Jackson, Dave Cudney, and Joe DiTomaso
for valuable assistance in reviewing sections of the book pertaining to chemical control.

Carri Benefield, Victor Lee, Jenny Drewitz, Steven Bossard
for doing many tasks necessary for completing this book when no one else would do them.

Fred Hrusa, California Department of Food and Agriculture Herbarium
for providing several photographs.

University of California, Davis, Herbarium
for access to herbarium specimens.

Lesley Randall
for being our illustrator par excellence.

Beth Hansen-Winter
for diligence as our designer with an eye for clarity and beauty.

Phyllis Faber
for guiding and cheering us on.

Nora Harlow
for persevering through many rounds of proofreading.

Barry A. Meyers-Rice
for efforts above and beyond.

Earl Bossard
for scanning and computer consultation.

Our families
for enduring many nights and weekends alone while we worked on the book and encouraging us anyway.

The publisher wishes to acknowledge with gratitude

Elizabeth Durein
David B. Gold Foundation
Moore Family Foundation

for their generous contribution to this book.

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