California Invasive Weeds Awareness Coalition (CALIWAC)

The California Invasive Weed Awareness Coalition (CALIWAC) is a partnership of non-profit and industry groups working together to enhance weed control efforts and promote public awareness of invasive weeds in California.


  1. Promote sound state and national policy on invasive weeds.
  2. Provide a public forum to increase awareness of the environmental and economic damage caused by invasive weeds
  3. Increase funding for management of invasive weeds.


CALIWAC delegation at National Invasive Weeds Awareness Week
CALIWAC delegation at National Invasive Weeds Awareness Week

Photo courtesy Bob Case

The California Noxious and Invasive Weed Action Plan, published September 2005, was produced by CALIWAC and the California Department of Food and Agriculture to provide a summary of existing weed control efforts and a blueprint for coordinated response and action in the future.

CALIWAC coordinates California Invasive Weeds Awareness Day at the Capitol in early March, bringing weed workers from around the state to Sacramento to visit legislators and discuss the impacts of invasive plants in their district.

CALIWAC worked with the Legislature to declare California Invasive Weed Awareness Week, held the week beginning with the third Monday in July. Weed Management Areas and other local groups are encouraged to hold field tours or work parties to showcase their accomplishments to elected officials and the public.

CALIWAC sends representatives to National Invasive Weed Awareness Week in Washington, D.C., each February to meet with California’s congressional delegation.

Non-Profit CALIWAC Partners


Chair Bob Pickard
Mariposa County Board of Supervisors
(800) 736-1252

Santinia Pasquini
Regional Council of Rural Counties
801 12th Street, Suite 600
Sacramento, California 95814
phone (916) 447-4806
fax (916) 431-0101

Doug Johnson, Executive Director
California Invasive Plant Council
(510) 843-3902