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A row of workers in the woods with brush cutters

Solano RCD tackles poison hemlock.

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Civicorps crew celebrates after removing invasive sea lavender.

Strengthen invasive species management and IPM in California

Cal-IPC has sponsored a bill in Sacramento, AB-2509, authored by Assembly Member Ash Kalra, to provide clear language in California statute defining “invasive species” and “integrated pest management.” Your organization’s support is valuable in passing the bill. You can:

Sign your organization onto our coalition letter by April 16th


Send your own letter using our sample text and directions

Support from land stewardship organizations across California will raise legislators’ awareness about the importance of invasive species management. If the bill passes, it will put invasive species into state law and require the state’s interagency Invasive Species Council to promote IPM. The bill defines IPM using the widely accepted definition from the University of California’s IPM program, which discourages pesticides but allows for them when needed.

We are pleased to be working with Assembly Member Kalra from San Jose. He was an early supporter of the state’s commitment to protect 30% of  lands and waters by 2030, and he has worked tirelessly to protect Coyote Valley in southern Santa Clara County.

AB-2509 text and up-to-date status in the legislature

AB-2509 Fact Sheet from Assembly Member Kalra’s office.

Thank you for your support!