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Collage image split by rising curve from left to right with a person in protective gear using a brush cutter on dry yellow starthistle in the left and mixed red and green iceplant on ocean cliffs on the right header text overlay Getting Ahead of the Invasion Curve 2024 Cal-IPC Symposium Online, Oct. 23-25

Get ready for another year of learning together! Registration is now open.

Theme sessions will explore the ways in which we can “get ahead of the curve” by focusing efforts on the early stages of the “invasion curve.” This means employing strategies of prevention and early detection/rapid response – strategies that are simple conceptually but more complex in practice. Speakers will share their work at the local, regional, and statewide levels.

Other sessions will dig into a wide range of topics on invasive plant management and stewardship. We also plan to hold to hold in-person workshops throughout the year, so stay tuned for announcements of events coming up. 



Rates for 2024 Cal-IPC Symposium, Online streaming, Oct. 23-25

Early Bird through Aug. 26/ Regular through Oct. 10 / Late registration closes Oct. 22, 5pm.

Member: $95 early bird / $120 regular / $145 late
Non-Member: $125 early bird / $150 regular / $175 late
*Student & Limited Income Member: $25 early bird / $40 regular / $55 late
*Student & Limited Income Non-Member: $40 early bird / $55 regular / $70 late
Presenter – Submitted Abstract: $25 early bird / $50 regular / $75 late (Presenters whose Abstracts were accepted for the 2024 Symposium)
Presenter – Student: $0

Additional Costs/Discounts:

Charge for DPR continuing education credits: $50
Discount for attending SERCAL: Subtract $25 with discount code 

*Student & Limited Income: Cal-IPC is committed to creating equitable access to our resources. Discounts apply to individuals in a degree program or up to 1-year post-graduate, or for members of our community for whom the cost of registration would be a barrier to participation. Thank you!

Return policy: Please purchase carefully. No refunds.


DPR Credits

Once we have the program in place (mid-year), we will apply for DPR CEUs for licensed herbicide applicators. To get credit, be sure to sign up for DPR CEUs with your registration. There is an additional fee to cover staff time processing. ($50) In past years, we have been approved for 2 units fulfilling Herbicide Laws & Regulations, as well as 10-13.5 hours of “other” units. 

Questions or concerns, please email

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