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The Call for Abstracts is now closed. We look forward to hearing about your work!

A Latino man in a suit and a Latina woman in a red shirt talk in the foreground while a crowd of various people mill about behind them, looking at posters and presentations

Attendees at the 2019 Symposium discuss topics during the poster session. Photo: Claire F. Meyler.

Presenters at the Cal-IPC Symposium provide a popular and diverse educational forum for the California land management community.

Lightning talk presenters should expect to submit prerecorded presentations. Cal-IPC will supply guidance to support speakers for online presentations and instructions for recording presentations and submitting posters prior to the event. Speakers must be available online for Q&A after their presentation. Poster and lightning talk presenters must be present online to answer questions for the poster and lightning talk sessions.


Student Contest

Graduate students, undergraduates, and recent graduates (within 6 months after graduation) are encouraged to enter our Student Paper and Poster Contest, which recognizes the top presenters with an honorarium (apply on the Call for Abstract Form).

Instructions for Talk Presenters

Deadline: Please submit your files as soon as possible, and no later than Friday, Oct. 22.

Length of talk: Talks must be no longer than 15:00 minutes, unless your session chair provides different information for your talk/session. Please practice your presentation and time it to ensure it falls under 15:00 minutes. Shorter talks will allow more time for audience questions.

Files required: To provide back-up in case there are any problems with your live presentation please provide:

  • A PDF file of your slideshow (you can save as reduced size PDF from PowerPoint). Name your file per the following convention: Yourlastname_LightningTalk. Email to
  • If you want to provide extra back-up, pre-record your talk and send an .mp4 or .mov video file as well (instructions below). Download to Dropbox (link to be provided.)

Presenting your talk:

  • Present from a private space with strong internet.
  • Use a headset for better audio; speak slowly and clearly.
  • Rehearse your talk several times to gauge timing.
  • Adjust to not being able to see your audience.
  • Try to look into the computer camera so that it appears you are “looking at” the audience.

Logging into your session:

  • Confirm the time of your session from the Symposium program (which will be posted once complete) on our website or on the Symposium website after it opens Oct. 11.
  • Use the Zoom link you receive from us for your session.
  • Log into the session 20 minutes early so we can make sure everyone’s audio and video are working. Cal-IPC staff and volunteers will be present to help run the session.
  • After your talk, be ready to answer questions. We will monitor questions submitted and present them to you.
  • If you are part of a session getting DPR CEUs for applicators, make sure to cover the topic related to any quiz question(s). We will confirm these with you.

Speaker profile: Once you have access to the Speaker Profile on Whova, please fill it out with a bio and a photo!


How to record your talk

  1. Create your own free Zoom account (if you don’t already have an account). You can use your personal email, even though it asks for work email.
  2. Open the PowerPoint Presentation on your computer.
  3. Sign into Zoom, Once in Zoom:
    1. Navigate to “Host a Meeting” and select “Screen share only.”
    2. Make sure your video is on and that you are unmuted (you may need to test audio).
    3. Turn on “Record,” give your talk, then turn Record off.
  4. When you close the meeting you will see a box saying that the file is being converted, then the folder in which it is saved on your computer will pop up (Documents/Zoom). You can rename this .mp4 file and send to us.

Zoom tips: The Zoom controls are usually found at the bottom of the screen in “Meeting Mode” and at the top of the screen in “Screen Share Mode.” You may need to hover over the controls to see them.  The “Record” function is located under “More…” at the right end of the menu.


Instructions for Lightning Talk Presenters

Deadline: Please submit your files as soon as possible, and no later than Friday, October 22.

Length: Lightning Talks must be no longer than 5:00 minutes.

Recording your Talk: How you do this is up to you (see instructions below for doing it using a free Zoom account). Some recommendations:

  • Use a headset for better audio.
  • Speak slowly and clearly.
  • Rehearse your talk; you might need several takes to improve your presentation.

How to Submit: We will send you a link to sign in to the Whova Speaker Profile. Use this link to submit your video file (.mp4 or .mov format), and a PDF of your presentation. Name your files per the following convention – Yourlastname_LightningTalk_Cal-IPC2021. For our Symposium Archives, please also download all files to Dropbox (link to be provided.)

Session Attendance: You are expected to be available to interact with Symposium attendees through the “Live Stream” video chat during the Poster/Lightning Talk sessions (times will be posted as soon as our Agenda is finalized).

  • Attend the dedicated live video link in your presentation for the duration of your session so attendees can enter to talk directly to you. You should be available to meet and greet people and take questions. If you must step away leave a message as to when you’ll be back in the Chat.
  • Manage and answer questions posted in Q&A by writing a response (more about how to get to this later). Chat is for comments, not questions.
  • Check in to your Lightning Talk during the Symposium to answer any new attendee questions.
  • Encourage attendees to see other Lightning Talks and Posters.
  • If your Lightning Talk title has a “*DPR Credit” tag, be sure to clearly highlight the answer to the question for your presentation in the DPR quiz for the session (we will send that to you directly).

Speaker Profile: Once you have access to the Speaker Profile on Whova, please fill it out with a bio and a photo!

Questions? Contact

Thank you for helping to strengthen the California stewardship community!

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