Cal-IPC’s Annual Photo Contest

Four images: Top left man in bright yellow long sleeve shirt half buried in beach grass; top right man in long sleeve grey shirt throws a quadrat into a grassy field; bottom left man in a yellow long sleeved shirt hacks a beach grass; lower right two people in white hats and PPE haul backpack sprayers down a rocky mountain path

Congrats to our photo winners!

First Place winner (top left): “Up to our necks in European beach grass!” Jane Dexter, Mattole Restoration Council

Second Place Winner (top right): “Justin Valliere randomizing data points by throwing a quadrat to determine invasive and native cover of forbs and grasses in the Santa Monica Mountains. Although hiding in the bush, invasive forbs were the definite winners in this ‘Battle of the Covers.’” Mayra Hernández, UC Davis

Third Place Winner (bottom left): “A determined worker getting to the bottom of the beach grass invasion.” Martin Maskill, Mattole Restoration Council

Critics’ Choice (bottom right): “Spraying cheatgrass in Devils Postpile National Monument.” Charlotte Beltran, American Conservation Experience (submitted by Dennis Frenier)


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