Cal-IPC’s Annual Photo Contest

(left) Woman in a hat and glasses smiles and holds a pepperweed plant with roots showing; (top right) infestation of pancratium maritimum white flowers on green stalks in sandy beach lifeguard station in the distant right corner; (bottom right) several goats grazing on black mustard in a green field, yellow flowers behind themCongratulations to the 2021 Cal-IPC Photo Contest winners!

1st Place (left): “Pesky pick of perennial pepperweed,” by Roxana Lucero (submitted by Haley Sutton)

2nd Place (top right): “Pancratium maritimum flowering in large numbers behind Lifeguard Station at San Buenaventura State Beach” by Diana Wing

3rd Place (bottom right): “Sage Goat Grazing – our herd devouring and defeating invasive black mustard, their favorite yummy plant” by Carson Helton (submitted by Linda Ivanov)


Thank you to everyone who participated. Your images help us tell the story of weed work in California – the sweat, the dirt, the joy of vanquishing a weedy foe. Join us next year for another round!


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