Symposium DPR Credits

People in an event lobby at a tablecloth covered desk help visitorsGet your DPR CEUs!

We will be applying for Continuing Education credits from the Department of Pesticide Regulations. Full instructions will be updated here once they are available. Here are the instructions we followed last year, which may be similar this year.

Virtual Attendees:

Here’s what you need to do to get CEU credit for your virtual participation:

  • Have registered to receive DPR credits as part of your Symposium registration.
  • Make sure ad blocker extensions are turned off so that Webex can track your attendance (Webex will notify you if this applies to you.)
  • Attend the full session live at the time it is running.
  • Answer the fraud poll question at the beginning of the session and all subsequent poll questions that appear during the session. Other than the fraud pool, answers are irrelevant for poll questions and they are only used to confirm active attendance.
  • You MUST take the quiz posted in the chat at the end of the session within 30 minutes.
    • Enter your name and your valid QAC/QAL/PCA ID number in the quiz.
    • You must get 70% or more to pass, but you can retake it.
    • Quiz is T/F and multiple choice.
    • You can retake the test if you did not pass.
    • The quiz will only be available at the end of each live session.
    • If too many people take it at once, there might be a bottleneck, so please be patient and reload the page. You will have up to 30 minutes to take it.

Sessions that qualify for credit will be marked on the Webex app Program under the track “DPR” once we get full approval from DPR.