Weeds of California and Other Western States (2 vols)


by Joseph M. DiTomaso and Evelyn A. Healy
2006 by University of California Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources
1900 pages, color throughout

This 2-volume set is the most complete book on weed identification ever produced in the United States. Identification guide to 750 weed species with 3000 color photos. Detailed descriptions of morphology and biology. Includes a CD with all photos from the book, copyright-free for educational use.

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This is the most comprehensive weed identification book ever produced in the United States. It complements the 2003 Aquatic and Riparian Weeds of the West.

  • More than 750 weed species described and photographed.
  • Detailed descriptions of seedlings; mature plants; flowers, fruit,and roots; germination and propagation characteristics; and descriptions of similar species.
  • 3,000 color photographs of infestations, whole plants, flowers, seedlings, and seeds.
  • Includes a CD containing all photographs in the book, copyright-free for educational use.

Dr. DiTomaso was a non-crop weed specialist at UC Davis, and headed the Weed Research and Information Center. He also served on the Cal-IPC Board of Directors.

Evelyn Healy is an expert in ecology and plant systematics.