Training Video: Best Management Practices for Preventing the Spread of Invasive Plants


42-minute training video for land managers and utility/transportation managers. Covers movement, disturbance, planning and awareness. Features presentations by experts from park agencies, a water utility, an electric utility, and Caltrans. (2013)

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Best Management Practices for Preventing the Spread of Invasive Plants is a 42-minute training video designed for land managers and those who manage road or utility corridors, which can be key pathways for the spread of invasive plants. The video summarizes key content from our BMP manuals on the same topic. We cover ways to prevent the movement of invasive plant propagules, the importance of minimizing soil and vegetation disturbance, the need to incorporate prevention practices into project planning, and how promoting awareness within our organization can enhance prevention.


  • Mark Newhouser, Sonoma Ecology Center
  • Ken Murray, Caltrans Maintenance Division
  • Scott Dowlan, Caltrans Landscape Arhitecture
  • Garret Dickman, Yosemite National Park
  • Steve Hallmark, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Janet Klein and Andrea Williams, Marin Municipal Water District
  • Bruce Delgado, Bureau of Land Management