Weed Control in Natural Areas in the Western United States


2013 by University of California Weed Research & Information Center
544 pages, color throughout

This book will be an excellent resource for any land manager confronting invasive plants, including biology and control methods for 340 species, plus tables of chemical and non-chemical control options. Authored by 15 experts from California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, & Washington.

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Weed Control in Natural Areas in the Western United States is the first comprehensive book to focus on control options for invasive plants in natural areas. Fifteen authors, led by Dr. Joe DiTomaso of UC Davis, compiled information on control methods for 340 species in 13 western states, covering rangelands, grasslands, pastures, riparian and aquatic areas. Each species account includes chemical, mechanical, biological and cultural control options, based on literature and the personal experience of the authors.

The goal of the authors is to provide as many options as possible for an Integrated Pest Management approach. The book also includes information on the range of control techniques and equipment used in natural areas, as well as safety and environmental considerations, herbicide characteristics, rainfast periods and grazing and haying restrictions for terrestrial herbicides, a list of species with biological control agents either available or under development, and conversion tables.

This book will be an excellent resource for any land manager confronting invasive plants.


  • Joseph M. DiTomaso, University of California, Davis
  • Guy B. Kyser, University of California, Davis
  • Scott R. Oneto, UC Cooperative Extension, Jackson
  • Rob G. Wilson, UC Cooperative Extension, Tulelake
  • Steve B. Orloff, UC Cooperative Extension, Yreka
  • Lars W. Anderson, USDA-ARS, University of California, Davis
  • Steven D. Wright, UC Cooperative Extension, Tulare
  • John A. Roncoroni, UC Cooperative Extension, Napa
  • Timothy L. Miller, Washington State University, Mount Vernon, WA
  • Timothy S. Prather, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID
  • Corey Ransom, Utah State University, Logan, UT
  • K. George Beck, Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, CO
  • Celestine Duncan, Weed Management Services, Helena, MT
  • Katherine A. Wilson, UC Cooperative Extension, Tulare
  • J. Jeremiah Mann, Agronomist, Yuba City


Errata: Hemizonia parryi (=Centramedia parryi)(pg. 205) was mistakenly included in the book. It is a rare native plant in California. This species will be removed from future editions.

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