Triadica sebifera

Photo courtesy Ron Vanderhoff

Synonyms: Sapium sebiferum; Croton sebiferum, Excoecaria sebifera, Stillingia sebifera, Triadica sinensis

Common names: Chinese tallow tree; popcorn tree; chicken tree; Florida aspen; Vegetable tallow; white wax berry

Sapium sebiferum (=Triadica sebifera) (Chinese tallowtree) is a deciduous tree (family Euphorbiaceae) that invades wildland areas and rapidly replaces the natural communities. Originally planted as a shade tree in urban areas, it can threaten wildlife habitat and crowd out native vegetation. It is only beginning to invade riparian areas of California, but is considered a major invasive species in the southern forests.

Cal-IPC Rating: Moderate

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