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Cal-IPC’s work at the federal level is primarily coordinated through National Invasive Weeds Awareness Week. Cal-IPC and other California partners work with event organizers to set national policy priorities.

National Invasive SPECIES Awareness Week (NISAW)

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To celebrate its tenth year, the National Invasive Weeds Awareness Week (NIWAW) is becoming an all-taxa inclusive event and has changed its name to the National Invasive Species Awareness Week.

In 2010, NISAW will be held January 10-14 in Washington, DC. The event brings weed workers nationwide to discuss invasive plant issues with agency officials and elected representatives. For more details, see the official NISAW website.

California has sent delegations to NIWAW since 2002. Cal-IPC works with the California Invasive Weeds Awareness Coalition (CALIWAC) to coordinate these delegations, which meet with agency leaders and Congressional representatives to support important policy initiatives.

US Capitol Building
US Capitol Building

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CALIWAC position statements for NIWAW

Federal legislation of interest

  • PL 108-412 – Noxious Weed Control Act of 2004. Creates a national funding program for weed management entities. Signed by President in 2004, but no funds have been appropriated.
  • HR 1591 – National Aquatic Invasive Species Act of 2005. Updates national policy on ballast water and other aquatic invasive species.
  • HR 1541 – Public Land Protection and Conservation Act of 2005. Creates funding for weed programs on lands in and near Dept. of Interior jurisdictions (such as the National Park Service and the Bureau of Land Management) and the USDA Forest Service.
  • S 507 / HR 1593 – National Invasive Species Council Act. Legislates creation of NISC to back up Executive Order 13112 (see below).
  • HR 1592 – Aquatic Invasive Species Research Act – Evaluates pathways and implements protocols for aquatic invasive species.
  • S 1288 / HR 4294 – Natural Resource Protection Cooperative Agreement Act. Allows the National Park Service to work on resource issues such as invasive plant control with surrounding landowners, as other agencies do.

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Executive Order 13112 – Established the National Invasive Species Council in 1999.

Library of Congress – Information on federal legislation and Congressional representatives, updates on status of current bills

National Invasive Species Information Center – The federal clearinghouse for invasive species information, including laws and regulations.

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