Restoration Volunteers and Coordinators

Weed working volunteers make a difference in California!

Weed working volunteers make a difference in California!

What would weed work be without the volunteers? We all know programs that rely on all kinds of volunteers, from groups of 100 fourth-graders to groups of three retirees. See a list below of resources that have helped others coordinate volunteer efforts.

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Volunteer recruitment, safety and management

    1. WEBSITE: Developing and Managing Volunteer Programs: this free management library provides a comprehensive list of management tips and resources, including screening, selection, and management.
    2. PDF: Managing Volunteers: Balancing Risks and Rewards. An insurance-industry pamphlet that addresses risk management with volunteers.
Reaching out to thistles. Photo courtesy D. Garcia

Reaching out to thistles. Photo by D. Garcia

  1. BOOK/PDF: The Weed Workers’ Handbook. Check out the following chapters:
    • Chapter 2: Strategy: Planning for Effectiveness
    • Chapter 2: Communication: Talking about Wildland Weeds
    • Chapter 4: Coordination: Organizing Volunteer Weed Projects
  2. PDF: Breaking up with Difficult Volunteers: an article from the Charity Channel.
  3. WEBSITE: TNC’s Global Invasive Species Initiative volunteer coordination and outreach tools. Brochures, videos, and how-to.
  4. Organizations: finding volunteers. Try these organizations to bulk out your program:
    • AmeriCorps: Application/Grant-based volunteer support
    • Points of Light Foundation: provides a list of service centers in California offering volunteer support
    • Break Away: A list of alternative spring break groups
    • Sierra Club: Environmental organization that provides volunteers for multi-day service trips.

Resources: Teaching volunteers to identify plants

  1. BOOK: Weeds of California and Other Western States. This two-volume set contains detailed descriptions and hundreds of photographs of plants, including life stages from seed to adult.
  2. ID CARDS: Golden Gate National Recreation Area uses these Weed Cards with their volunteers. Click here to see a sample (pdf). GGNRA has eight cards with three species each. To obtain copies of the cards, please call Cal-IPC at 510.843.3902
  3. WEBSITE: Travel across the country to how volunteers learn to identify plants. View the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference and Rutgers University volunteer invasive plant survey guide.
  4. WEBSITE: Check out our other weed identification resources.

Resources: Teaching volunteers to remove plants

Teamwork gets the job done.

Teamwork gets the job done.

  1. BOOK: The Weed Worker’s Handbook. Designed for volunteers, this small, field-ready book explains how to remove more than 35 of california’s most invasive plants. Also available free for download on-line.
  2. WEBSITE: See a list of other resources on invasive plant removal.