Don’t Plant a Pest!

Alternatives to invasive horticultural plants

The Don’t Plant a Pest! program is the result of collaboration between the ecological restoration and horticultural communities. The first regional Don’t Plant a Pest! brochures, suggesting safe alternatives for invasive plants still used in landscaping, were published in 2004. The content on this webpage complements these brochures. (Brochures can be ordered through our online shop. You may request up to 10 free brochures by e-mailing or phoning (510) 843-3902. The Southern California brochure is also available in Spanish.)

This site suggests wildland-safe alternatives for invasive plants sold in nurseries, providing a similar landscaping function for a similar climate. When buying plants, use these alternatives, or ask your local nursery for other non-invasive plants. If you have invasive plants in your yard, especially if you live near a natural area, we recommend that you remove it and replace it with an alternative. We suggest some California native plants as alternatives, as well as alternatives that are non-native but not invasive. See CNPS for more guidance on landscaping with natives.

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