Trifolium hirtum

Trifolium hirtum_rose clover_JM DiTomaso
Photo: Joseph DiTomaso

Common names: rose clover

Trifolium hirtum (rose clover) is an annual forb/herb (family Fabaceae) commonly found in California, blanketing dry rangelands. Rose clover out competes indigenous clover and native grasses and can tolerate dryer soils and frost. It was intentionally introduced as grassland forage and in most rangeland systems is not considered weedy. However, in wildlands, it can out-compete native clovers.

Cal-IPC Rating: Limited?

CDFA Rating: None?


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  • Additional photos

    Trifolium hirtum_fruit_copyright2008_NealKramer
    Trifolium hirtum (rose clover) fruit. Photo: © 2008 Neal Kramer
    Trifolium hirtum_inflorescence_copyright2009_NealKramer
    Trifolium hirtum (rose clover) inflorescence. Photo: © 2009 Neal Kramer
    Trifolium hirtum_infestation_copyright2008_NealKramer
    Trifolium hirtum (rose clover) infestation. Photo: © 2008 Neal Kramer