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Erodium cicutarium Profile

Erodium cicutarium (redstem filaree) is an aggressive annual/biannual (family Geraniaceae) that is very widespread throughout California and is commonly found along roadsides, grasslands, fields, and semi-desert areas. It often carpets large areas, out-competing native grasses and forbs.

Herbicide treatment of an invaded grassland following a prescribed fire

Over the past 200 years, California grasslands have become increasingly invaded by a suite of Mediterranean annual grasses and forbs. The invasion has reduced the richness of the native annual plant community and converted a perennial bunchgrass community into a non-native annual grassland. Prescribed fires are used by land managers on these converted landscapes as […]

California’s fading wildflower legacy

Vast fields of native annual wildflowers dominating the plains and valleys of historic California have been insidiously displaced by European invaders over the past two centuries. California wildflowers flush in spring and set seed that may store in seed banks but commonly germinate with the first winter rains. Most wildflowers disarticulate and leave little fuel […]

Evening the odds: Evaluating the combined effects of nitrogen fertilization and exotic annual removal on native annual forbs in the Colorado Desert

Invasive plant species and anthropogenic nitrogen deposition are altering southern California landscapes. One particularly susceptible ecosystem is the desert, where resources are naturally low and native plants are adapted to a stochastic environment. As urbanization expands into the desert, nitrogen deposition is creating a nutrient pulse that may provide an advantage to invasive species. These […]

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California Wildland Invasive Plants John M. Randall and Marc C. Hoshovsky The focus of this book is non-native plants that invade parks, preserves, and other wildlands in California, but our real concern is the survival and growth of the native plants and animals these invaders threaten. Unfortunately, some non-native invasive plant species inflict so much […]