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Conium maculatum Scientific name Conium maculatum Common name poison hemlock, carrot fern, poison parsley, spotted hemlock Synonymous scientific names none known Closely related California natives 0 Closely related California non-natives: 0 Listed CalEPPC List B,CDFA nl By: Jennifer Drewitz Distribution HOW DO I RECOGNIZE IT?Distinctive features: Poison hemlock (Conium maculatum) is a member of the […]

Potentially allelopathic effects of poison hemlock (Conium maculatum) on native plant revegetation at Wilder Ranch State Park

Invasive exotics negatively impact native species composition in a variety of ways. Often these effects are indirect. For example, exotic species can reduce the fecundity of natives through modification of physical or chemical factors in the environment. These inducted effects mainly occur through either of two negative interference interactions. First, competition is a negative interference […]

Conium maculatum Profile

Conium maculatum (poison-hemlock) is a biennial forb (family Apiaceae). Poison-hemlock has spread throughout California in areas below 5,000 feet (1,500 m) elevation, excluding the Great Basin and Desert provinces and is commonly found in dense patches along roadsides and fields. It also thrives in meadows and pastures and is occasionally found in riparian forests and […]

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Plants listed by category Cal-IPC List: [ A-1 ] [ A-2 ] [ B ] [ Red Alert ]   CDFA List: [ A ] [ B ] [ C ] [ NL ] [ Noxious ] Cal-IPC List 1-A Ammophila arenaria   Arundo donax   Carpobrotus edulis   Centaurea solstitialis   Cortaderia jubata   […]

Invasive Species ID Cards for EDRR

To support field identification of early detection species, Cal-IPC has designed ID cards for EDRR that can be downloaded, printed double-sided, and trimmed to size. (Lamination increases their longevity.) (The first two cards listed are a glossary of terms and contacts for reporting finds; these cards are designed to go with any set of weed […]

Weed Workers Handbook

Published by the Watershed Project and the California Invasive Plant Council, the Weed Workers’ Handbook explains how to remove more than 35 of the San Francisco Bay Area’s most invasive plants. The Handbook provides: A simple, strategic approach to dealing with wildland weeds Guidelines for planning and leading volunteer control projects Descriptions of techniques used […]

Cal-IPC Symposium 2005

Presentations are posted below as pdf files. Warning: these are large files. Field trip to the Sutter Buttes at the 2005 Symposium Photo courtesty Elizabeth Brusati 2005 Symposium Program Powerpoint files converted to pdf. Warning: Some files are many megabytes in size. View the 2005 Symposium proceedings (large pdf file). Use Adobe Reader’s bookmark tab […]

Cal-IPC Symposium 1997

Proceedings are posted below as pdf files; they are also available for purchase. Warning: proceedings and presentations are large files. Title Page and Table of Contents The roadside view of a national weed strategy Bonnie L. Harper-Lore, Federal Highway Administration Interagency cooperation for noxious weed control Anne Knox, Bureau of Land Management Exotic plants in […]