2023 Summer Photos

A rainbow arcs across a cloudy sky tinted pink by sunset above a light brown marshland with water channel to the right bushy green plants in center and packed asphalt path to the left

Wet skies bring rainbows for crews on the Invasive Spartina Project, like this one at Arrowhead Marsh in Oakland. Photo: Simon Gunner, Olofson Environmental.

Several men in waders, long sleeved blue shirts, and sun hats kneel and place small green plants into the ground.

SOLitude Lake Management crew members plant native marsh gumplant (Grindelia stricta) in restored wetlands at Bair Island, Redwood City, as part of the Invasive Spartina Project. Photos: Kevin Eng, Olofson Environmental.

Small round white flowers in a cluster of green stems and leaves grow in thick clusters

Plants installed on marsh-upland transition zones are flourishing in restoration sites of the Invasive Spartina Project. Densely growing plantings of salt marsh baccharis create thriving habitat at Citation Marsh in Robert’s Landing, City of San Leandro. Photo: Jeanne Hammond, Olofson Environmental.

Two women in long sleeves and sunhats lean over a marked patch of low flowers and grasses with small pink and blue flags.

Cal-IPC and Santa Barbara Botanic Garden surveying a 3×3 meter plot as part of a project studying the impact of invasive plants on rare plant species in Central California. Pink flags represent flowering plants. Blue flags represent non-flowering plants. Photo: Constance Taylor.

A small purple flower with bright yellow anthers against light skinned fingers.

The rare Camatta Canyon amole (Hooveria purpurea var. reducta) in flower, our target species in the central coast surveys. Photo: Nikki Valentine.

Two people face away from the camera and watch a man in a hat with charts showing herbicide calibration.

Attendees learn about different techniques at the Herbicide Calibration Training for Wildland and Non-row Crop Applications. Photo: Kimberly Crispin