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Outreach, Education, and Awareness

The pages below provide resources for learning about invasive plants. These resources are useful for someone who is just starting to learn about invasive plants and for people with a high level of knowledge.

Weed Wrench Victory

General Information about Invasive Plants

Learn about why invasive plants are a problem, what you should do about them, and how Cal-IPC can help.

Identification and Control of Invasive Plants

This page guides you to resources for the identification and control of invasive plants. There is a section for both terrestrial and aquatic invasive plants.This page is intended to help a range of people: from those just learning about invasive plants to botanists and other land managers who want more detailed information on the taxonomy of the weeds they work with.

Volunteer Training and Coordination

This page helps managers and coordinators learn about training volunteers to safely remove invasive plants.

Construction and Road Maintenance

This page is for state agencies and private companies that want to learn how to minimize the spread and growth of invasive plants during construction activities.

Resources for Teachers

This page contains resources for teachers looking for invasive plant curriculum, field trip ideas, or help designing their own curriculum.

Invasive Plant Videos

These videos provide information about specific invasive plants and general invasive plant information. These videos are not produced or distributed by Cal-IPC.