Senecio glomeratus

Synonyms: Erechtites glomerata, Erectities arguta, Senecio glomeratus, Senecio arguta, Erectites prenanthoides, Senecio minimus, Senecio prenanthoides

Common names: cutleaf burnweed, cutleaf fireweed, New Zealand fireweed, Australian burnweed, bushman's burnweed, cut-leaved coast fireweed, Australian fireweed, little fireweed, coastal burnweed, Australian burnweed, toothed coast fireweed

Senecio glomeratus (cutleaf burnweed) is an annual or short-lived perennials in the Asteraceae family. It is among the most serious plant pests on the Channel Islands and also occurs along the mainland California coast. Cutleaf burnweed moves quickly into disturbed areas and is widespread in disturbed sites within North Coast redwood forests. It can also invade undisturbed grasslands.

Rating: Moderate

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