Linaria dalmatica ssp. dalmatica

Photo courtesy Joseph DiTomaso

Synonyms: Linaria genistifolia ssp. dalmatica, Linaria dalmatica, Linaria dalmatica ssp. dalmatica, Antirrhimum dalmaticum

Common names: dalmatian toadflax, broad-leaved toadflax, wild snapdragon

Linaria dalmatica ssp. dalmatica (Dalmatian toadflax) is an herbaceous perennial that was introduced as an ornamental (Plantaginaceae Family). It can be found in disturbed open sites, fields, pastures, degraded rangelands, roadsides, agronomic and perennial crops. This weed is most commonly found in northern California, but can sporadically occur in other areas. Infestations often form large colonies, displacing desirable vegetation.

Cal-IPC Rating: Moderate

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